Introducing CHMBRS With Her Debut Single ‘Rabbit Hole’ And Artistic Movement Visual Released Via Vevo

CHMBRS is an artist that blurs the lines between electronic music and indie pop. Their sound is dark and moody, yet somehow pleasing and appealing. Their recent single “Rabbit Hole” is a great example of the project’s attitude and drive.

The song begins with brooding, low-ended synth lines, while the vocals creep in and soar beautifully to the top of the mix. The production later comes to life with layers of dreamy synths and powerful beats. I particularly love the fact that this song is truly shape-shifting. The atmosphere of the track varies, from its ethereal and dark intro, up to the really rich choruses and uplifting textures of the arrangements.

Find out more about CHMBRS and don’t miss the stunning music video that was released to accompany the song, now available on Youtube. The video offers a great insight on the CHMBRS aesthetics, featuring some stunning choreography and a nice approach to cinematography.

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