Indigo – Distant Lullaby: The Sweetest Hit of Anachronistic Funk You’ll Hear This Year

Sometimes, the perfect contemporary aural gems are inspired by more anachronistic elements. Which is exactly how up and coming artist Indigo’s debut single “Distant Lullaby” was born, well, that and a generous serving of charisma too.

With melodies bordering on ethereal, harmonies as sticky sweet as what you could expect from the Beatles and the Beach Boys, becoming enamoured by the hype of the choruses is pretty much non-optional. But in terms of squeezing into a genre category, Indigo’s sound and style is far too voluptuous. Instead, each of the four members run with their own penchant for sound, blending them together to create an alchemically mellifluous smorgasbord of sound. You only need to spend a few second in Indigo’s presence to appreciate that they are the anti-scene edge lords, and; I probably don’t need to tell you how refreshing that is to listen to. I’ve definitely caught the hype – and you will too.

You can check out Indigo’s single Distant Lullaby for yourselves by heading over to Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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