How Do I Submit My Music to Your Blog?

Submitting music to A&R Factory has been made as easy as possible. To help you feel confident with your submission, and other submissions that you will make with your demo, we have outlined some of the best tips to help the submission process run smoothly.

How to send music to blogs: 5 top tips

  1. Get Familiar with the Submission Guidelines

Each music blog runs its submission process differently. There will always be an appropriate channel to send your submission through. To get your demo reviewed on our award-winning top 10 UK site, head over to the submit demo page on our website and fill out all of the appropriate fields. Other blogs will accept submission via email. Unless music blogs explicitly ask for submissions on social media, avoid using it as a method of contact.

  1. Get Your Press Material Ready First

Not every artist has the money to pay a professional photographer for their band/artist photos or a visual artist for their cover art. But always do your best within your means when providing music blogs with cover art or press photos. Avoid sending grainy selfies or random images to accompany your review. Yes, it does happen.

  1. Give Enough Info in Your Bio – But Don’t Go Overboard

When it comes to how to send music to blogs successfully, perfecting your bio before submitting it is a vital stage in the process. Think of your bio as your first impression. You wouldn’t walk up to a stranger, blurt out 3,000 words, and expect them to pick out the important bits. Hopefully, you wouldn’t be unforthcoming and unenthused when someone asks you about yourself either.

Make sure you’ve always got the basics covered in your bio, plus all of your bragging points. Include impressive streaming stats, previous airplay, interviews, gigs etc. If you can’t get excited when you’re talking about your music, how do you expect others to get excited? Even if it’s early days in your career and you haven’t had too many highlights, you have room to make a good impression by talking about what is different about you, what inspires you, how you want the listener to feel.

  1. Send the Right Link to Your Music

This one *should* go without saying, but there are plenty of pitfalls that people fall into here. Firstly, avoid sending a pre-save link with no mention of the release date of the music. Secondly, if you are sending a private link on YouTube, make sure that whoever has the link can access the video and it is not set to private. If you have sent a private SoundCloud link, do not take down the track while waiting for a review. If you do need to take down the SoundCloud link for any given reason, update the blog with a new link.

  1. Where Possible, Send New Content.

Fresh music content is what allows music blogs to thrive. Where possible, avoid sending old music. If you do want to submit old material to garner hype around a new music release, let the music blog know about it. That way, the reviewers will have a better angle to spin your music review. And as a final note, always send your demos to the appropriate blogs.

Hopefully, we have covered all the bases for artists wondering how to submit music to hip hop blogs, indie blogs, rock blogs and multi-genre blogs. Once you’ve followed all our tips, your chances of your submission being successful at competitive blogs will be infinitely higher.

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