Hooligan Ghosts’ Orchestration of Pure Phantasmical Bliss

The Spectral Mother by Hooligan Ghosts

If I told you that the clue is in the name with Hooligan Ghosts and that’s all you need to know this would be a bit of a short review and it would in no way do any justice to how absurdly beautiful Hooligan Ghosts sound is. Their latest single ‘Last Winter, Pt.1’ could be described as haunting, but that almost seems a little cliché to apply to their melodically prodigal soundscapes which carry a palpable chill as they progress through their reverb soaked instrumentals. There’s an almost cinematic aura to their latest single which is a good indication that the production quality is beyond what you would expect from an independently produced record. The Dayton, Ohio based artist has quite literally redefined the ambient genre by infusing elements of experimental folk. Whilst the lyrics are fairly indecipherable, I’d say that ultimately this just makes the track all that more captivating as you attempt to soak up the stylised aural alchemy in its entirety.

If you feel inclined to drink in some beautiful doom-impounding sounds (you totally should) you can head on over to BandCamp where you can stream and download Hooligan Ghosts single from their latest album ‘The Spectral Mother’.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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