Hondo Les – Opp Hunt: The Most Stylish Hip Hop Rap Track of the Summer?

Hondo Les’ latest drop Opp Hunt is one of those rare kinds of Hip Hop track which has you hooked by the beat before the prelude has even finished fading into the first verse. The multi-layer beat carries an almost dizzying amount of bounce as it weaves through the synth and the kicks of the drum machine which add the perfect amount of hype to this veraciously stylish Hip Hop Rap track.

Vocally, Hondo Les proves that he can stand against his contemporary Hip Hop artist with the ability to switch up the pacing in line with the pitch of the beat which has been polished to absolute perfection. Whilst Hondo Les may not have the most feverish Rap Flows, it’s hard not to get caught up within the momentum of his enigmatically versed bars.

You can check out Hondo Les’ single Opp Hunt on Spotify now, as debut drops go, you really couldn’t ask for more. The emerging artist has stamped down his authoritative style in one single drop.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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