Hannibal – Cannibal: A Glossy Ride In A Night Pimp Groove

Hip-hop artist Hannibal just recently released his new EP ‘Cannibalistic’ earlier this year on 2nd March and there are some few things you need to know about this EP…

Before you take a ride in Hannibal’s “Cannibal” it’s imperative that you don’t try to place the song in one particular genre. The mysterious smash hit crooner blends sounds and genres in a way that very few can.

“Cannibal” is backed by the artistic influence of Kendrick Lamar,  The Weeknd, Frank Ocean and Alice In Chains’ style of music.

This song has a retro beat that’ll pierce through your ear to the depths of your soul. Hannibal is a hooksmith that knows how well to captivate his listeners. There’s something spectacular about the electro bass vocal that was sprinkled on this track. It brought that “Mike Will Made It” kinda vibe to the whole song.

“Cannibal” is a track that portrays contemporary beats and features aspects of the hip-hop genre with a little mix of electro mash up.

The lyricism of the song depicts strong emotion and mysteriousness which effectively represents the image of Hannibal. You’re probably gonna be thrown aback even before the track’s initial charge-up beat blurrs your imagination as to what exactly to expect next; in peculiarity, the genre of the music that’ll hit your ear lobes thereafter might entirely be different what you think of it after hearing the song’s into beat.

This song has a well amplified amplitude even as a hip-hop song, I can’t help but imagine what will become of this song if the artist decides to hone-up the electro part of the song and make it a full fledged ‘HIP-Electro’ anthem.

Undeniably, this song is well worth the time. I believe that after you take a deep dive on this awesome track, you’ll recover to discover, and affirm that there’s indeed a lot more Hannibal can still offer the music industry.

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