Graftician’s Latest single “cities” allows us to delve into evocatively artful Electronica catharsis

If you’re still carrying the opinion that Electronica is one of the more sterile music genres out there, let up and coming artist Graftician’s latest single “cities” be the track to change your mind. With Electronica as the pulse of her latest track and Neo-Classical elements bringing you into the bloodstream, getting lost in the ambiently ethereal layers is pretty much non-optional.

Graftician may not have used “cities” to prove her vocal strength, but it hits you regardless, all neatly packaged in the pure amount of soul and emotion which has been poured into this track. You’ll be waiting a while before you hear a soundscape as equally cathartic and simultaneously evocative as cities for a while. Or, perhaps you won’t, as Graftician will be releasing her album on June 14th.

To fully appreciate the artist’s (it’s not all too often the use of that word feels literal) latest single “cities” head on over to YouTube and check out the compelling visuals which perfectly pair with the Dreampop Jazz-soaked textures.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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