Good Vibes: SpiRal takes us to a peaceful place in ‘The Spiral’ (Blueberry Slush)

Sumptuously opening the door for us to be lathered by magnificently groovy riffs and a splendid rythm that has you thinking that this should the theme track to your new favorite series to binge, SpiRal dazzle our minds into a happy place of contentment with ‘The Spiral’ (Blueberry Slush).

SpiRal is the label owner of Fennell Records and a trip-hop rock artist who has recently released the 4-track debut EP called ‘A different Future In Mind‘.

There is a really uplifting instrumental vibe of the highest quality at our finger tips here – as each second has been made with such a meaningful elegance – which takes your emotions away from the stress and into much brighter days of joyful laughter.

With elements of blues, trip-hop, rock and instrumental, this is a smorgasbord of breathtaking soundscapes to take your mind into a whole new mindset, that keeps your feet tapping the whole way.

The Spiral(Blueberry Slush) from SpiRal, is a tremendously ear-soothing single which takes you to a happy place in your heart. This is a top tier experience which will elevate you to another world you wish you could be in – as the energy is lit up like a firework display – which has you looking up above and beaming proudly.

Hear this fab new track on Spotify and see more news via FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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