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Good Vibes: SpiRal takes us to a peaceful place in ‘The Spiral’ (Blueberry Slush)

Sumptuously opening the door for us to be lathered by magnificently groovy riffs and a splendid rythm that has you thinking that this should the theme track to your new favorite series to binge, SpiRal dazzle our minds into a happy place of contentment with ‘The Spiral’ (Blueberry Slush).

SpiRal is the label owner of Fennell Records and a trip-hop rock artist who has recently released the 4-track debut EP called ‘A different Future In Mind‘.

There is a really uplifting instrumental vibe of the highest quality at our finger tips here – as each second has been made with such a meaningful elegance – which takes your emotions away from the stress and into much brighter days of joyful laughter.

With elements of blues, trip-hop, rock and instrumental, this is a smorgasbord of breathtaking soundscapes to take your mind into a whole new mindset, that keeps your feet tapping the whole way.

The Spiral(Blueberry Slush) from SpiRal, is a tremendously ear-soothing single which takes you to a happy place in your heart. This is a top tier experience which will elevate you to another world you wish you could be in – as the energy is lit up like a firework display – which has you looking up above and beaming proudly.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Make A Move: Brooklyn rapper Dre the General makes the change in his own lane with ‘Big Dog’

Taken off his brand new five-track EP that sees him biting off the competition with a self-assured flow of intent, Dre the General shows us that he isn’t changing for anyone as he sticks together with his hungry team on ‘Big Dog‘.

Dre the General is a problem-dodging New York City-based indie rapper, clothing label owner and proud vegan. He makes that gritty hip-hop that shreds the mic off its cable, and he is in thunderous form here with a rampaging lyrical effort.

With a real flow and an terrific beat that has you wrapped inside the true story of fighting through the obstacles in front of them, you feel like you are in a movie as he takes us into his life’s ambitions. This is a confident artist who raps with an inner belief – that he is on the right path to where that all-time success is hidden away like tasty treasure – but not for long as he knows his team are stronger, than others unwisely give them no credit for.

Big Dog‘ from the enthusiastic Brooklyn, New York-based indie hip-hop artist Dre the General, is a bite-sized lets-make-it anthem that shows you his ravenous intent. He sees others who do things the wrong way and who demand respect, while he is only focused on getting that earned love, from the true crew who have backed him through thick and thin.

A lot of people want to be the main dog without providing any evidence of being able to back up the bite, when you actually get that real respect by putting the work in.

Hear this new single on YouTube and see more via his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen