Giant Buddha – Where Do I: The Swampiest Hit of Salacious Rock n Roll You’ll Hear this Year.

It’s swampy, it’s salacious, it’s slick, it’s Giant Buddha’s latest work of atmospherically alchemic Rock “Where Do I (Get Off)”.

Expect a generous serving of immersive guitar reverb which constantly bleeds through the mix to add the perfect pinch of psychedelic waviness to the otherwise unadulterated Rock n’ Roll rhythms. Even though the influences behind Giant Buddha’s sound are archaic, their soundscapes are more than fit for contemporary airwaves. Any fans of Sonic Youth, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and Jesus and the Mary Chain are definitely going to want to check out the edges which Giant Buddha are carving through the Rock genre.

The US-based band take plenty of inspiration from British Rock icons, but they create more than just an assimilation of their sounds. Even if Giant Buddha do sound as though they are no strangers to the streets of Soho.

You can check out Giant Buddha’s latest single for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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