Gezvolt – You Can Dance: Rhythmically Commanding Progressive Tech House

If you asked yourself how progressive Tech House could be, you’d probably find that the answer lies in Gezvolt’s latest mix “You Can Dance”. Instead of just serving 3 minutes of solid bass-heavy beats, You Can Dance pulls you further into the mix by teasing the excitement of the next progression with the clever use of spatial effect. While that’s not rare to hear, it’s rare to hear it work so effectively. The sense of urgency for the momentum to build once more is nothing short of genius.

Rather than giving you a nice and gentle fade out, the track simply ceases to exist, the effect can only be compared to getting whiplash when you’re immersed in motion – then it comes to a sudden halt. You can take that as a testament to the aural command which the Canadian-based producer creates with his mixes.

You can check out Gezvolt’s latest mix You Can Dance for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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