Geraldine Taylor Can Change The World With “Imagine”

It’s not very often you’ll encounter the kind of song that touches the heart in such a way that offers an uplifting and thought provoking message. A stripped down, raw bag of emotion that offers something special. Only once in maybe a decade or so does some creator come along that presents tremendous potential to offer incredible work that people can rally around. With “Imagine”, Geraldine Taylor taps into that special place of empowerment, positivity, and overcoming.

“Imagine” is a raw, unpolished gem that needs no filler or fluff to make it great. Something about the purity of an acoustic guitar and uplifting lyrics simply makes for the most beautiful of music. Accompanying the powerful lyrics and guitar is a vocalist who exhibits a raw, bluesy, powerful voice that serves as the icing on the cake for this incredible tune. With the delivery of the hook, “ooooh just imagine”, one can’t help but to imagine a crowd of people singing together in perfect harmony. This is the kind of song that the world needs right now. The world needs to hear this song. Listen to it for yourself, and spread the love to your friends.

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