Genre Trampling Acoustic Pop-Funk From Dallas David Ochoa

If you hear the term solo acoustic guitarist and your thoughts immediately turn to skinny jeaned, fashionistas in wide brimmed hats pouring their woes out in the chord of A minor, then you need a bit of Dallas David Ochoa in your life. Yes, he plays acoustic guitar, yes, he us a singer-song writer but he manages to harness more groove and vibrancy in one bar than most of the aforementioned would be troubadours do in their first three albums.

Direct, infectious, joyous abandon…. Pop-funk style. How can you not like this guy? And it isn’t just the dexterity of his playing that ticks all the boxes, the fact that he kicks all generic boundaries into touch just by picking up an acoustic guitar is long over due. Classical deftness, funky workouts, dark folky undertones, pop sass and flamenco flourishes all get their turn and anyone who can fit all that together without it feeling forced or showboaty has definitely got to be one to watch. Dallas David Ochoa is without doubt one to watch.

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