Luanne Hunt & Steven Bankey – Lightning in a Bottle: A Little Bit of Indie Country & A Mountain of Rock n Roll

Has there ever been a more Country name for a track than Lightning in a Bottle? I think not. And it’s absolutely glorious. Even those whose tastes aren’t entrenched within the Country genre there’s so much for music fans to appreciate. For one, there’s the blissfully plucked acoustic guitar that wouldn’t be out of place in the Brian Setzer’s Orchestra. The use of the piano keying in the background gives Lightning in a Bottle an irresistible Rock n Roll allure that you’d have to be pretty musically unacclimated not to appreciate.

You can check out the blissful duet which was released March 8th, 2018 on SoundCloud, where you can also find Luanne reinventing classically iconic hits such as ‘When You Say Nothing At All & more. The songstress’ empoweringly bewitching vocals aren’t a sound you’ll want to miss. Her empyreal vocals haven’t got her to number one in Independent Country Charts for no reason!

You can find out more about Luanne Hunt and her iridescently bright career on her official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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