Frank Banks – Ten Steps Ahead ft. LennStacks: A Riddle Of Immersive Hip Hop Entwined in Orchestral Harmony

6 months after it’s first release, Green City, US based Hip Hop Rap artist Frank Banks track Ten Steps Ahead is still ringing it’s hyped up tune in our ears. A track so energetically seamless isn’t easily forgotten about. The chilling yet playful Hip Hop beat incorporates the harsh snaps, snares and riddles that are pretty typical from the Trap sound. What’s so refreshing is the immersivity hidden in the layers of the sound is found in the orchestral harmony provided by the almost classical use of strings. There aren’t many underground urban artists around who can orchestrate a beat this seamless. LennStacks vocal pairing creates a fresh new dynamic to Frank Banks sound, this is a track Hip Hop fans really don’t want to miss out on. The only slight criticism I would throw at the track is the lack of substance behind the lyrics. I must have heard a 1000 rap flows that pay reference to Hennessey this year. It gets a bit tedious for a lyrical snob such as I. Yet not even the small lyrical misdemeanour can take away from the elemental power of this beat.

You can check out Ten Steps Ahead on SoundCloud using the link below:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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