Final Stair – End of Love: Alt Rock Has A New Iconic Act

Ahead of their debut album which will be dropped later in 2019 (you should probably start getting excited about that right about now) Final Stair have released their ethereally powerful single “End of Love”.

From the first melancholic notes of the guitar, the single immerses you in the sticky-sweet pensive resonance of this single which is amplified by the classical strings and devastatingly visceral vocals. Of course, the dark imagery written within the lyricism has a lot to do with how hard this single hits. Because that’s exactly what it is, the up and coming artists have created the ultimate Alt Rock hit with the same level of emotivity as you could expect from Incubus, Placebo and Muse. But I’d have to argue that the vocals from Final Stair transcend the arrestive capacity of any of the aforementioned artists.

You can check out Final Stair’s latest single End of Love for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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