Fam Drops His Valentine EP Serving Up Undiluted Contemporary Soul

What better day of the year to drop a couple of smooth R&B Soul hits than on Valentine’s Day? Up and coming artist Fam hit us with two brand new tracks as part of his “Valentine” EP containing freshly sonorous vibes which may not have been as romantically steeped as classic R&B artists, but there’s no disputing that his sound belongs in 2019.

With the first track “Hoopti” Fam blended ambient Neo Soul with the contemporary kicks of Trap offering the listener an easy vibe out hit which unfolds through plenty of inventive and intricate progressions. While it wasn’t all too easy to follow the narrative of the lyrics, Hoopti didn’t fail to conjure the imagery you’d hope for from a raw R&B track.

Track two “Cupid’s Interlude” is a slightly heavier and more immersive track which allows the rhythm of the mix to hit you at the same time as notes of reticent melancholy. The clever use of vocal samples and switch ups contained within the single will ensure that the one-minute track keeps you hooked for the criminally short duration.

You can check out Fam’s Valentine EP out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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