Embers Burn Brightly

Woman, the first musical card from Embers forth coming album, is all the ammunition that you will need to convince you that pop is in safe hands, though pop isn’t really an effective enough term to pin down where this song sits generically. Yes, it has all the infectiousness and accessibility that the genre implies but there is so much more going on as well. It has the glitchy groove of a trip-hop classic, the sultry sass of a soul standard and a brooding and considered alt-rock presence.

And that is the joy of the modern musical world, as genres bleed into each other and boundaries are no longer stumbling blocks, savvy artists realise that anything is possible. Whilst many acts attempting such generic musical fusions find that the result is a watered down middle ground which seems to be a musical compromise, Embers instead seem to feel more intense and more focused than the rest and the result is a wonderful strand of dark alternative pop that for all its brooding undercurrents heralds in a bright future for music.

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