Elsa Dedi – Falling Apart: Resoundingly Captivating RnB Pop


Elsa Dedi’s latest RnB Pop single Falling Apart featuring ABaire and Clever is a strikingly powerful radio-ready hit which stands as a testament to their dynamic vocal talent.

They may have utilised a timeless style in Falling Apart, but when the vocals are as fiercely passion-soaked as Elsa Dedi’s, the archetypal RnB Pop structure offers a brand-new contemporary appeal. To say Falling Apart is resounding feels like an understatement.

While many artists have versed about falling apart, through the lyrical poignancy and vocal intensity, you get a sense that Falling Apart is more than a soundscape. It’s an aural polaroid of the artist’s soul which captures lovelorn grief and frustration.

There’s no doubt that Elsa Dedi vocally held her own in Falling Apart. Yet, bringing ABaire & Clever into the mix, brought an alchemic amount of collaborative chemistry. There’s complete synergy in the emotion offered by each of the vocalists. It’s definitely not every day we get to hear that on a collaborative record.

You can check out Elsa Dedi’s latest single Falling Apart for yourselves via Apple Music or Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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