An Eclectic Sound But A Hip-Hop Soul

Born Soul

Born Soul is the product of the modern age. Born Soul is the sound of musical evolution. Born Soul is the embodiment of the post-genre world. Born Soul is music styles being meshed, music and prose finding new ways to work together, the rule book being torn apart and previous tribal lines of demarcation being crossed, ignored and erased.

Fa Shiggidy is a mercurial blend of hip-hop flow, spoken word delivery, indie instrumentation and a pop sensibility.  Whilst it harks back, in some ways, to the hip-hop golden age when A Tribe Called Quest and De La Soul where conducting revolutionary sonic experimentation, this is that vibe, that thought process, replayed and repackaged for todays urban music fan. It grooves, it pulses, it is sweet, lyrical and accessible. In a world where many people working in similar musical directions seem so obsessed with their own image rather than the creative output, it is great to find an artist aware of their place in history, trying new blends and new creative weaves, and in doing so creating music which is both vibrant and forward thinking.

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