DSmith delivers a hyped Hip Hop hit with “I Can’t Explain It”

When it comes to Rap, it’s not all too often you will hear an acoustic instrumental arrangement as eclectic as found in DSmith’s standout single “I Can’t Explain It”.

The vibrantly energised Hip Hop single which literally oozes with Jazz is just one of the hyped singles which you will find on DSmith’s latest album “XIII: Far From Here”. Even though Old School Hip Hop fans are sure to appreciate what DSmith has cooked up with I Can’t Explain It, the track is distinctive and expressive enough to prove that his sound is no mere assimilation of former artist’s work. Instead, DSmith’s charisma resonates through his playful vocal approach which is endearing enough to make some of the most renowned Rap artists sound slightly sterile.

You can check out I Can’t Explain It for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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