Donny Hills releases a soothing new age song – Neptune

Donny Hill’s Neptune is a very mild and soothing new age song in every sense of it. its shrewd of astute compactness can make you a little more relaxed and composed when you listen to its gentle sound.

To lovers of songs that speak more of serenity and calmness, this should be your perfect choice of new calm when you need to ease off those work stress in everyday life.

Neptune is a gentle and sonorous new age song with just a hearty beat and the magic of a chilly sound combination of those musical strings that summon a restful state of affair.

Hitting the “press-play” button to listening to this song is signing up to be instantly transported to a whole new realm inside a Chevy box with cosmic grill gleaming under a bright sun.

The magic of this song is also capable to  get its listeners detached from the fixation of their ugly past experience. This quite a nice and gentle music beat that shoots its shot with the aim of erupting the feeling of wanting more as the last impression.

For the best relaxation, mediation and on-the-go song for evening jogs this song will perfectly be used to maximum length for such purpose.

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