The D’luxe Girls Tell Us All About Their “Biggest Mistake” Through A Fun Song Which Will Have Many Relating To It

D’LuXE are a strong and powerful all girl trio who are not afraid to tell you what they feel. In their recent release “Biggest Mistake,” they, in fact, fearlessly and confidently speak their mind about a situation which practically a lot of teenage girls find themselves in. Without hesitation these ladies show us how to get over heartbreak in the most fun and sweetest way, through a song which is extremely catchy and memorable, and a video which truly depicts the bond that these three girls have together.

As the song starts, D’LuXE explain to us how the story starts by exchanging verses and showing us their individual abilities and it is immediately noticeable that they all have a varied set of skills which are combined together in the best way possible. Each voice is authentic and has its own unique strengths, but in combination these girls have one sound which distinguishes them from any other girl band. Apart from showcasing their strong voices the song also features a very energetic and fun instrumental arrangement which is in line with the current times, fresh and authentic to the group’s character and attitude. Reminiscent of some of the famous 90s girl bands, this trio is bringing back a strong trend with a fresh and very modern flair, with content relevant to the current millennial lifestyle we are living.

-Sarah Marie Bugeja

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