Dekalog with Fien Desmet + Amazumi – DENIAL: A Stylish Smorgasbord of Alt Pop, Rock & Rap

If you’ve found yourself stuck with the belief that it is all but impossible for an artist to create a brand-new sound, you may want to check out the striking new single “DENIAL”.

The almost overwhelmingly distinctive single came alive through the combined forces of Dekalog, Fine Desmet and Amazumi and throughout each progression of the sound you get a taste for each of their individualistic styles. Kudos have to go to producer Sonny Dhanowa of Blue Ghost Records who wrapped Denial up as a sweet package of Alt Pop, Rock, Electronica and Rap in one stunning track.

The strength of the vocals on this track really can’t be underestimated. There are only a handful of artists who carry the same vocal prowess as Fien Desmet who perceptibly makes light work of hitting every note the soul-shatteringly dynamic vocal range. But it’s so much more than talent, there’s also a potent injection passion and an ethereal offering of soul. How Amazumi’s Rap bars tilt the energy of DENIAL was a genius twist in the track which Dekalog cooked up. There really is no exaggerating how deep you will fall into the textures DENIAL

You can check out the official video to DENIAL for yourselves by heading over to YouTube now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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