YMG – Remember: Euphorically Stylised Hip Hop

Whilst I’m never usually a massive fan of Hip Hop Rap tracks that use overly excessive effect over their bars, for some reason YMG get’s away with it. The vocals soak into the euphorically stylised Hip Hop beat which is brought to ethereal new heights through the Jazz piano effects. YMG AKA Yung Muslim’s Grindin have an ingenious approach to their lyricism. Each line serves as a punch in the stomach as the sentimentality behind their latest track hits you and you’re treated to their deep introspective which is fuelled with gritty realism.

As compelling as Remember is, it also has a haunting resonant sensibility that tells you YMG’s latest track was born out of pure evocative passion. Their synergetic level of harmony isn’t something you hear every day. The Baltimore based trio’s slick approach to grinding beats is just one of the elements behind this powerhouse of talent’s aural alchemy.

If you like your beats high-vibe and infinitely resounding can check out YMG’s latest single Remember on SoundCloud now

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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