De Marty – Listen to the Colors: Organically Prodigal Darkwave Electro Pop

There are few Electro beats that can hook me with the prelude, De Marty (AKA Florent Lelong) didn’t seem to struggle with his latest release Listen to the Color’s. His Alternative Electro Pop offering was awash with 80’s nostalgia yet alive with a contemporarily fresh vibrancy that I’m sure any Electro fan would feel the hype of. The Parisian up & coming producer uses his wide array of influences to feed into his organically prodigal approach to Electro Pop offerings. Each of his tracks spills enough emotion without the need for vocals, which quite thankfully I’m stoked about. Vocals never seem to synergise all too well with Electro Pop without coming off as slightly cheesy.

You can check out De Marty’s latest track Listen to the Colours yourself and get caught up within the effervescent melodies & grooves riddled into his soundscapes on SoundCloud now. I can guarantee fans of VNV Nation, Mesh, Human League & Depeche Mode will absolutely adore the mix thanks to the dark undertones which grounds the track through the reverb & punching steady bassline.

Head on over to De Marty’s official website to find out more on the stunningly styled artist.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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