DANDY DEEJAY releases their latest Exhilarated House Mix “I’m Above of the Ground”

Up and coming Croatian EDM artist DANDY DEEJAY teamed up with female vocalist Junior Paes to create a momentously unrelenting offering of exhilarated House. “I’m Above of the Ground” doesn’t hang around before throwing you headfirst into the potent power of the rhythm and deftly carved out anthemic melodies.

The dynamic beats create the perfect platform for Junior Paes’ naturally strong vocals to rest neatly above and lead you through the aural ecstasy of the single. If you’re looking for sun-soaked summer beats, you won’t go far wrong with I’m Above the Ground which flows with plenty of contemporary appeal whilst retaining plenty of accessibility for instantaneous immersion.

You can check out DANDY DEEJAY’s teaser for I’m Above of the Ground here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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