DAlcon – Like A Lion (England World Cup Song): Grimey National Pride


You can’t even imagine the wave of dread which washed over me when I was presented with a football anthem to review. Whilst I’m no great fan of football, my opinion of DAIcon couldn’t be further from the relative contempt for the great game. As football anthems go, even I can hop on board and dub DAlcon’s England World Cup song Like a Lion a hit. His ingenious Grime Hip Hop rap approach to a football anthem may have been the most lyrical I’ve ever heard. Alongside Dalcon’s relentless renditions of poised lyricism the bounce behind the beat is hyped and contains all of the bounce you could possibly expect from an EDM styled Hip Hop track. Whilst I’m not especially proud of the English football team I am definitely in awe of admiration of the up and coming London based rapper Danny Alcon.

If by any chance you haven’t already heard DAIcon’s fabulous offering of national pride with Like a Lion you can climb onto SoundCloud and check it out now. I think you’ll be hearing it quite a lot this summer.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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