Cult Fantastic – Screens: The Track Which Will Make You Think Twice Before Seeking Validation

After watching the video to Cult Fantastic’s latest single Screen you will never look at the laughing-crying emoji the same again. In fact, the Alt Rock, Jazz-hyped may have just driven me into an existential crisis with their wittily ingenious commentary on the 21st century disparity of Social Media-fuelled narcissism. It’s clear that the concept was a massive part of the orchestration of Screens, yet the instrumental and vocal passion and talent cannot go un noted. Cult Fantastic’s pioneeringly experimental sound is one that is barely comparable to any other recording artist on the scene to date. However if you loved the playful vibes from acts such as Eagles of Death Metal and Liam Lynch paired I’m sure you’ll appreciate the eclectic instrumental arrangements. If not, who doesn’t love Bowie-esque vocals?!

Head on over to Cult Fantastic’s website where you can check out the video to Screens for yourself. If you are drowning in the vapid toxicity of the millennial age Screens is more than effective as a flotation device.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



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