Collins and Streiss – Change: A Contemporary Reinvention of Roots-Deep Resonant Blues

When you first hit play with Collins and Streiss’ latest single ‘Change’, you think you’re about to be greeted by an archetypal rendition of roots-deep country Americana. Yet the indie artists from Ontario, Canada utilised their experimental passion to create a conceptually inviting track.

Change isn’t song you listen to, it is an arrangement of melodies which you fall into and soul-steeped lyricism which arrests you. There’s a raw, unadulterated aura which follows the progressive, stripped back acoustics throughout the track, even through the introduction of the keys which appear sporadically to challenge your conceptions of what a country blues track should sound like.

So, if your music tastes are archaically inclined and you quite rightly don’t care for excess digital effect you can check out Collins and Streiss’ single for yourself by heading over to Reverb Nation now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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