CollabEast – Bota Cumbia: Zen-Inducing Experimental Ambient Electronica

CollabEast (Matt Gleezy) has recently released their mesmeric instrumental electronica mix “Bota Cumbia”; if you’re looking for an immersive soundscape to get lost in, tracks don’t come much more transcendental and colourful than this.

Despite the smorgasbord of contrasting and textured beats and effects, Bota Cumbia is 5-minutes of zen-inducing pioneering ingenuity. Anyone who appreciated the quaint polyphonic orchestral layers weaved into Cosmo Sheldrake’s inventive soundscapes will undoubtedly become enamoured by Bota Cumbia’s vibrant and explorative energy. The lightness of the track is paired with an almost devious inclination from the East Coast artist as he playfully experiments with sonic blasts as sound, inventive uses of bass and fragments of white noise in between.

You can check out CollabEast’s standout mix Bota Cumbia for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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