Claudio Soto – Mines of Gold: A Hit of 90’s Swampy Alt Rock Nostalgia

Mines of Gold is the first ever single by Claudio Soto a uniquely spectacular Alt Indie Rock singer songwriter who writes all of his own monumental tracks. It’s too easy to fall in love with Soto’s sound with his reminiscence to Matt Bellamy from Muse with his vibrato vocal style, yet he did more than assimilate his sound, Soto infused it with Dinosaur Jr style grunge, mixing in his palpable, yet swampy rhythm. I adore the fuzzy instrumentals soaked in reverberation that make this track a truly thick anthemic and bouncing along beside Soto’s strenuously charming voice dominating his heart wrenchingly evocative lyrics. With his music Soto transcended the superficiality that pours through most contemporary music today. There’s no Rockstar grandiosity to his sound, just pure, unrelenting honesty that reads like poetry.

So, If you’re a 90’s Alt Rock fan, I highly recommend you check out Mines of Gold, you can check out the track on YouTube using the link below:

For tour dates and more on Claudio’s sound, head on over to his website:

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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