Chris Rhoadz – Take Off: Thunderation Of Colossal Hypnotic Sound

If you’ve ever listened to “DMT” — another delectable song from Chris Rhoadz featuring Jdam whether it’s by mistake or design, then you’ll surely discover that there’s a whole lot more to unravel about Chris musical prowess. This can only be experienced when you grant your ears the permission to be splashed by this colossal hypnotic vibe.
“Take Off” is one the latest new Hip-Hop single from Chris Rhoadz that was produced by 9th House. There’s always something new to experience when you listen to each song from Chris Rhoadz.

Every great monument of course starts from the clustering of little big things – this is exactly the journey Chris Rhoadz is currently on, and he has started off pretty well.

Intuitively, Chris is actually in the league of those up-and-coming artists that have the potential traits and ability to make an indelible mark in the music industry, this track alone makes this fact a clear crystal.

To Whom It May Concern, the lad that cooked up the sonorous and thrumming beat of this song deserves more than a three hearty cheers. The beat of this song is very exhilarating, and the fact that the artist gave a perfect hip hop blend to the sound makes it a balanced musical throughput.

There’s nothing more liberating and at the same time amazing to absolutely fall in love with a hip-hop song in just a couple of seconds moments after your hand hit those play button.

This song has such acclivitous steady drift that can make you lose yourself in the celestial feeling it gives off.
The rap style and the clear vocals of the artist are the ancillary pump that fuels the spontaneity and creativity of this artist.

This track on its own is more than just an embodiment of hope; it has its own special proclivous effect and that’s the reason why I’d love you to listen to this awesome piece by Chris Rhoadz.


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