Chris J Clarke – Day to Night: Hypnotically Melodic Indie Jangle Pop

Hearing how much the young up and coming artist Chris J Clarke has matured and grown into his signature Indie Alt Pop style is probably one of the most rewarding aural journey you can take.

His new EP “Day to Night” contains some potently melodic works of upbeat aural alchemy, and there’s no better introduction to his sound than the title track from the EP which any fans of the 1975 are sure to appreciate. Yet, if any artist could make the 1975 sound raucous, it is Chris J Clarke with his ability to cook up soundscapes which are so smooth they’re bordering on hypnotic. While you can still hear the ring of the Jangle Pop guitars faintly in the background, electronic effect takes over the mix and laces it in a sound so fluid you may as well be listening to the waves crash.

You can check out Chris J Clarke’s latest single Day to Night along with the rest of the EP for yourselves by heading over to Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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