Chevelle Franklyn’s new release ‘Go in Your Strength’ is worthy of high praise

Gospel and psalm singer Chevelle Franklyn has released her inspiring new track ‘Go In Your Strength’, her latest release from new album ‘South Wind Vol 1’.

The acclaimed and much lauded worship songwriter based in Jamaica finds her feet from the get-go with an acapella rendered introduction to the track before it kicks into a congregation-clapping groove. The track highlights what has made her such a force in the international gospel scene and will be sure to delight her fans and followers with a message of thankfulness, hope and purity.

The track shines in its high level of production and Franklyn’s exceptional vocal performance on top of a backing choir in the latter stages of the track is clearly where her fanbase has found its love for her. It’s one worthy of high praise indeed – and it might just pull in some new believers too.

You can listen to ‘Go In Your Strength’ on Chevelle Franklyn’s YouTube channel here.

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