Check out B.F.R. ‘The Great Unknown’ sometimes simplicity works best

When it comes to rock music, sometimes simplicity works best. This is definitely the case for B.F.R. – This band set out to create a catchy and direct tone with lots of attitude and energy. The song is a great blend of pop, rock, punk, and indie: imagine what it would sound like if Blink-182 were to jam with Coldplay! This might sound a little weird, but if I picture that “fantasy” collaboration in my mind, I would probably imagine the hypothetical resulting jams to sound something like “The Great Unknown”!

The song is atmospheric and textural, yet direct and fresh. With “The Great Unknown”, this band set out to channel their spontaneity through a simple, yet engaging set of melodies and beats. The drums are direct and sustained, while the guitars are crisp – the sound is driven, yet ever so slightly, allowing the guitars to breathe and still have somewhat of a “clean” tone that offers more defined melodies.

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