Chandler Reed & the Sticky Keys – Nostalgia: An Arresting Attack of Power Pop Eccentricity

Everyone appreciates a hit of nostalgia from time to time, and Chandler Reed & the Sticky Key’s have created the perfect track to take you back to the simpler times, when music seemed to have authenticity and you didn’t torture yourself for being a little awkward.

Alt Power Pop always seems to pertain an air of uplifting eccentricity, yet in the hands of Chandler Reed & the Sticky Keys the soundscape to their latest single “Nostalgia” hooks you right from the start in the imagery which is weaved into the lyrics. With Nostalgia, you truly get the sense that restraint of expression was never a consideration when the key-driven melodies fused with the instrumental arrangement which created the perfect platform for the distinctive vocals.

Head over to Chandler Reed & the Sticky Key’s official Spotify to hear their single “Nostalgia”.

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Review by Amelia Vandergast

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