Cayla Brooke – Fool: Soulful Instrumental Alchemy

There’s not many tracks that can make my jaw drop as the instrumentals kick in, yet, Cayla Brooke’s band created such soulful instrumental alchemy in her latest single Fool the hairs instantly stood up on the back of my neck.

Combined with her huskily glorious vocal style the 5-minute track Fool provides an almost transcendentally blissful Neo Jazz experience. The progression of the track is lifted through the soaring guitar riffs and cacophonous offerings from the brass section. I’ve never been much of a Jazz Rock fan before listening to Cayla Brooke’s track Fool, but it’s safe to say I’m now a convert to her sweet yet domineeringly sultry style which is created using an infusion of genres she’s used to mould her iconic style. The Vancouver based singer songwriter has received nothing but critical acclaim for her standout style, and it really is no wonder considering her glistening charisma and heart wrenching lyricism. With each track from her latest album Plush Red Chair she mixes up her style weaving from ballads to dance tunes.

Check out Cayla Brooke’s latest single Fool from her album Plush Red Chair via her website

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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