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World music goes pop in Paul Melia’s explosively artful single, Doctor in the Sky

Taken from the sophomore album, Moons Over Mountains, by the experimental artist Paul Melia, the standout single, Doctor in the Sky, is a fiery explosion of Avant Garde pop that breaks the monocultural mould with the exotic rhythms and jazz-derived world music synthetics.

Despite being in a strident league of his own, Paul Melia created the most visceral earworm of the year, complete with the capacity to allow you to transcend the drudgery of modernity. As for the music video, short of dropping acid, there is no better means of escapism as you explore a psychedelic world, complete with appearances from internet-famous cats riffing on keyboards and guitars and cringey moments from political pop culture. It is like the condensed version of Adam Curtis’ Hypernormalisation, with a soundscape that keeps on giving with every repeat hit.

The official music video for Doctor in the Sky will premiere on September 16th. Check it out on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Nick Cody & The Heartache tackled profound uncertainty with their latest single, Maybe, featuring Towse.

Uncertainty seems to be around every corner as of late; one of the only consolations is the latest single, ‘Maybe’, from Nick Cody & The Heartache featuring Towse.

The melodiously mournful single is the third one to be released from the forthcoming album, all is fine ‘til the world goes pop, due for release on September 30th via Green Eyed Records. Instead of sugar-coating future possibilities, the aptly glib lyrics pose possibilities of suffering in silence or hiding in the dark, giving up thinking or ceasing to put up a fight.

As the poignantly melancholic keys coalesce around the warm and gentle guitar chords, grief-stricken alchemy breathes between Nick Cody’s crooned folk pessimism and Towse’s haunted vocal timbre which carries an ethereal chill not all too dissimilar to Angel Olsen’s. They’re a match made in aural heaven. As for this timely single, consider it essential for your alt-folk-rock playlists.

The official music video for Maybe premiered on August 25th. Check it out on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



Jessica Nicole Brown is an indie Rnb dream come true in The Devil’s Favorite ft. Brian Brown

South-Carolina-born Indie RnB singer-songwriter Jessica Nicole Brown gave us a soulful insight into her reprising torment in her latest single, The Devil’s Favorite, featuring Brian Brown.

The melodiously euphonic single normalises the routine of negative thoughts and actions in a profoundly honest way. All too often those who err on the side of pessimism use it as another reason to reprimand themselves. But this playfully up-vibe protest to existentialism and all of its pitfalls subversively switches the narrative.

Jessica Nicole Brown is evidently an Indie RnB pop dream come true, and her decision to bring the smooth vocal timbre of Brian Brown into the soundscape that exudes Nelly Furtado in her prime vibes was a stroke of genius. The affable chemistry is one of the best aural highs we’ve experienced in 2022.

The Devil’s Favorite will officially drop on September 14th. Catch it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

SRVR unleashed a debut of spacey blues with their alt-rock release, Birdman

In response to America’s political decline, the South London producers and songwriters Sidney Rivers and Vincent Rogue merged their visionary creativity under the moniker SRVR and released their art-rock debut, Birdman.

Converging bluesy guitars and spacey textures in the soulfully gospel-esque production, there’s a subversive surrealism to the release, making it more than fitting for the 2022 airwaves. With Rob Wilks (Foals, Florence and the Machine, Lianne La Havas) at the mixing desk, Birdman spread its wings as a cathartically compelling sensory experience that everyone with an affinity for the Avant Garde will want to aurally revel in.

With their debut LP due for release in early 2023, save a space on your radars.

Birdman will officially release on September 14th. Stream it on SoundCloud or watch the official music video on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Know Me: David San Clair recalls being treated by royalty by that special human on Better Than Myself

Dropped from his brand new 6-track EP Anything Goes, David San Clair returns with a stunning song that might get you in the mood to smile again after so much darkness with Better Than Myself.

David San Clair aka David O’Brien is a Louth/Dublin, Ireland-based indie folk singer-songwriter who performs all the country with his loyal band.

Beating with beauty and showing us his extraordinary lyrical detail, David San Clair sings with such joy and shall certainly enliven up your day. His quality is easy to fall in love with and there is a ray of hope attached here, from a tremendously skilled musician who hasn’t even remotely found his peak yet.

Better Than Myself from Louth/Dublin, Ireland-based indie folk singer-songwriter David San Clair is a delightfully performed song from a world class talent who uplifts us away from any previous sadness. Opening up the door and letting us into the bedroom to that memorable moment that he shall cherish forever, this is a terrific song that feels like is from a different era altogether.

Genuine in nature and steaming with that pure warmth you have either felt before or wish you had, we find an artist who has blessed our healing world with an outstanding single for the ages.

Hear this fine song on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Clamp Down With My Leg Inside His Jaws: Powers of the Monk shows us the strength of nature with Big Bear Little Man

Big Bear Little Man by Powers of the Monk

Showing us deeply into the truly disastrous incident of a rural man’s rather unfortunate encounter with a scary grizzly bear, Powers of the Monk is at their finest on a single to remember as you sleep in your bed tonight with one eye open on Big Bear Little Man.

Powers of the Monk are a Detroit, Michigan-based indie alt-Americana duo who are fused with that boot tapping blues and tremendously soulful roots.

Detailing that hungry growl and the deep rawness of a moment that can cause death rather brutally, Powers of the Monk ravage through the trees and show us into a gruesome description, which will shock many and features a quality sound to treasure. Their intricate skill set comes to the fore for all to witness, as they fantastically fuse a track together that shall claw slightly on your soft skin.

Big Bear Little Man from Detroit, Michigan-based indie alt-Americana duo Powers of the Monk is a warning for anyone who turns their back away from the dangers lurking in the rustling and wind-swept woods. Showing us deep inside that sun-soaked whiskey and soaring into our mindsets, this is a release with a storyteller’s delight on offer here.

Filled with raspy vocals and an ear-opening sound to wake you up from that afternoon nap, guiding us into the mentality of that wild animal who doesn’t know any better.

Listen up to this descriptive single on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

newmath traverses loss in the noisy dream pop discord of his latest single, Without You

As someone who will always hold a candle for the shoegaze pioneers, I will eternally be enthralled by 21st-century experimental iterations of the genre. newmath, the creative project of Chris Fish, certainly didn’t disappoint with the noisy dream pop discord in his latest single, Without You.

The lo-fi to the core production goes heavy on the sludgy effects – being from Seattle, it would be rude not to – but Without You is far more in Grandaddy’s arena rather than your definitive Seattle sound icons. The shimmeringly bright vulnerability of the release is incandescently sweet. Without you may be a song of mourning, but notably, no love has been lost.

With his forthcoming album, BLOOM, due for release on September 9th, save a spot on your radar.

The official music video for Without You premiered on August 29th. Check it out on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

You Will Always Rise: Abeni sings with such caring beauty on SAVE US (feat. O.G. Jimmy)

With a natural grace that elevates her up into the clouds like an angel sent to guide the youth into a better world of self-confidence, Abeni returns with her stunning single that might be one of the most beautifully arranged releases of 2022 so far with SAVE US (feat. O.G. Jimmy).

Abeni is a tranquil indie singer-songwriter who grew up shy and has used music to grow her poise through her clear gifts for helping the world heal.

A reminder to think about our lives and our futures. We need to remember to teach our children their self-worth. This should never be a question.” ~ Abeni guiding us into the vision of this stunning experience

Floating with such classy dignity and humble grace that is a shining wonder of light in a currently inhospitable world for many, Abeni has reminded us all that life can be so much better than first expected. Showing the kids that self-worth is available if you know what it feels like, to bring us a ray of hope when needed most.

SAVE US (feat. O.G. Jimmy) from indie singer-songwriter Abeni is a reminder that staying true to yourself and staying away from the cage that others selfishly put around you is the best way to live. Sung with a pure delivery that might cause your heart to ripple like a calm stream on a peaceful summer’s day, this is an absolutely gorgeously soul-healing experience to listen to.

Sometimes we need to know that we actually control our path towards destiny.

See this forest-filled video on YouTube and see more on her IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Zackwa is on his own experimental plateau in ‘All Praise and Glory’

With the fluid transitions between the Prince-Esque vocalised harmonies and the blazing rap bars that are just as convictive as RZA’s, Zackwa’s latest single, All Praise and Glory transcends the constrictive nature of genre boundaries. That is before you account for the experimental accordance in the ambient electronica meets new age hip hop instrumentals.

Zackwa strives to rise above the mundane energy of the world, and it’s safe to say he is not only in another league. He is operating from a new dynamic plateau, constructed by his autonomy and inclination to verse introspective gold into the strained atmosphere of the 21st century.

Check out the lyric video for All Praise and Glory on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Kyle Jaymes is a Perennial Millennial in his latest intricately melodious indie rock hit

Kyle Jaymes

New Hampshire indie singer-songwriter, Kyle Jaymes, brought a pioneering sense of melodicism to 00s emo with his latest single, Perennial Millennial. For anyone that grew up with Death Cab for Cutie and is looking for a matured take on sonic nihilism, Perennial Millennial is the finest wine in the metaphorical cellar.

Since breaking away from his indie rock band, Call Her Alaska, he’s become a one-man powerhouse, fuelled by his emotionally charged lyricism, intricate acoustic guitar hooks and euphonic production style, which gives all the angst of pop punk and none of the brash overtones.

Perennial Millennial will officially release on August 30th. Check it out here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast