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Montana electro soul act Desperate Electric turns the past issues into positive vibrations with ‘Stay’

Knowing that despite the intermittent problems that occur in relationships, there is always that communication that leads to those good times again, Desperate Electric has dropped the disco gem to get involved with called ‘Stay‘.

Desperate Electric is a Montana, USA based indie alternative electro soul duo who makes music that is so catchy, it will be stuck in your head all day.

”’Stay’ is about not hiding behind your problems; staying, facing the music, and dancing through it. Breaking generational habits, while forging a creative career path, is quite the undertaking, but struggles are easier if we work through them together, and can move forward being the best version of ourselves for the people around us. It’s not about constantly beating yourself up for the mistakes of your past, it’s about growth, and leaving to love yourself and see your self worth even when you’ve made mistakes. Take your pain, learn, and then throw a dance party.” ~ Desperate Electric

Memorable bands have the extra edge that defines a generation. Desperate Electric is that band who has this rare quality in much abundance and shows their electrifying aura to maximum effect with a masterclass performance.

Stay‘ from Montana, USA based indie alternative electro soul duo Desperate Electric is a fine track made with a real energy that lets you know that life is best if you deal with any problems without fuss. Performed with a groovy technique that shall get your fingers clicking and your head nodding, this is a song that might get you into the mood to get dancing.

Laced with that sensational vitality that all excellent songs possess, this is a speaker sizzler you can’t surely forget easily.

Hear this wonderful new track on Spotify and see more news on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Timothy and the Apocalypse drops one of 2022’s best electronic anthems with ‘On the Run’

After previously shocking us awake with the trippy single ‘Adventures of a Nymphoid Barbarian – 9 Theory Remix‘, Timothy and the Apocalypse melts our emotions down to dust with the sensational track to gaze into the sky with while you are ‘On the Run‘.

Signed to Mass Experience Records, Timothy and the Apocalypse is a Sydney, Australia-based indie electronic artist and music producer.

The world, according to Timothy, is a whirling dervish of multihued sonic landscapes differing in textural terrain with psychedelic light and shadow consistently at play.” ~ Timothy and the Apocalypse

Showing us what classy music sounds like in this rather challenging world, Timothy and the Apocalypse displays such majestic greatness and further cements the notion that sunny Australia has the best sounding music on planet earth right now.

The producer from Sydney has been steadily building a catalog of music that quietly rises above the fray. So much so that he’s garnered the attention of and signed with Universal.” ~ Timothy and the Apocalypse

On the Run‘ from Sydney, Australia-based indie electronic artist and music producer Timothy and the Apocalypse is an absolute gem from all angles and sizzles the speakers until they glow rather radiantly. With a pulsating beat, sensual vocals and an overall vibe that will get that dance floor buzzing with excitement, there is something rather special on offer here.

Music heals all wounds – if you turn up the volume – and close your eyes, letting it lather all over your whole body.

Simmer inside this timeless single on Spotify and follow the dream on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Junerule is ready to escape from the madness on the summer-filled ‘Holiday’ (ft. Brendan Mills and Tess Burrstone)

Sending those happy rays onto us as we look to the future and venture out into the open again, Junerule has us lathering on that sunblock and cleaning those dusty sunglasses with the ravishing new single all about getting away on that well-deserved ‘Holiday(ft. Brendan Mills and Tess Burrstone).

Salvatore Nuzzi aka Junerule is a 22-years-old Sant’Agata de’ Goti, Italy-based indie dance music producer, sound engineer and DJ who started his entertainment journey when he was just 12 years old.

Deep/House/Pop & Soul vibes, mixed together with natural & emotional sounds, letting people live an extraordinary experience through his own music that is always inspired by some imaginary landscapes.” ~ Junerule

Bringing a piece of inspiration that has been needed for so long, Junerule opens up the curtains and remembers to pack the swimming attire, that will be needed on this holiday. Away from the confides of our minds that have been hampering all of our creative minds from that optimum happiness, this is a lively single to dance with all night long.

His music was supported by DJs like David Guetta, Nicky Romero, Sander Van Doorn and many more.” ~ Junerule

Holiday(ft. Brendan Mills and Tess Burrstone) from Sant’Agata de’ Goti, Italy-based indie dance music producer and DJ Junerule is one of those hot singles that gets you into the mood to do things you have only been dreaming about recently. The vocals are fresh, the production tight, and give you a sense of reinvigorating energy to feel alive again.

After so much icy darkness that could take away your optimism, this is a reminder that all we need is a vacation.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Norwood can’t wait for that passionate night that shall get the body grooving with ease on ‘Cheek To Cheek’ (ft. The Weather Girls and Terri B)

After impressing us with the dynamic single ‘Maskerade‘ from July 2021, Norwood returns with that heat-filled delight that will get your whole body feeling alive on the dancefloor with, ‘Cheek To Cheek(ft. The Weather Girls and Terri B).

Norwood is an Atlanta, Georgia-born indie electronic dance solo artist who makes those anthem-sounding tracks to get really excited about.

My goal during every performance is for people to escape for a few hours, dance like no one is watching, and feel empowered to love themselves exactly as they are and express themselves freely.” ~ Norwood

Featuring the iconic American female duo The Weather Girls and legendary disco diva Terri B, Norwood shows us a lip-quivering single of epic proportions with a finger clicker of note that shall steam up the windows. The vocals are crisp and rather wonderful, that shall get your whole soul awake again.

Cheek To Cheek(ft. The Weather Girls and Terri B) from Atlanta, Georgia-born indie electronic dance artist Norwood is one of the more passionate singles that shall take your mind away from any drama. This is a track to really get involved with, as we are blessed by sexy lyrics, fresh vocals and spark-filled production to stimulate your appetite all night.

Life is always so much better when you have something romantic to look forward to.

Listen up to this new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW: You’ve gotta ‘Feel It’ for yourselves in MDMelo & Francis’ standout electronic soul single.

With its kicking beat, shimmering sonics and the effortless resonance of Francis’ vocals, MDMelo’s title single from his collaborative album, Feel It, rhythmically commands you into an evocative appreciation for the aural delivery of oxytocin.

It has been a while since we have heard funk-riding electronic beats with such deep seductive grooves; the euphoric aesthetic of the collaboration is nothing short of electrifying. The zealously infectious track marries old school soul with new-age electronica to achieve an uplifting effect that can scarcely be put into words; you just have to feel the disco synthetics up against the funk, soul and RnB textures for yourselves.

Here is what MDMelo had to say on his latest collaboration with vocalist, Francis

“Feel It, featuring Francis, is a breakthrough for me; it was a long-term project which focuses on production, composition, harmony, groove and sonics. My main objective is to make sure that Francis gets the notoriety he deserves; he transformed my music world.”

Watch the official music video for Feel It, which dropped on the 20th of May 2022, via YouTube.

Before the release of the 11-track soul album, Feel It, in May 2022, MDMelo & Francis caught up with A&R Factory. Check out the A&R Video Interview with MDMelo and Francis here.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sub Caesar awaits that critical permission on his sensational new house single ‘Consensual (Press Play)’ (feat. Chloe Kay)

After wholeheartedly thrilling our emotions with his release from 2021 called ‘PUSH! (back and forth), Sub Caesar urges us to be really brave as the night will not last forever on the hot new single, ‘Consensual (Press Play)(feat. Chloe Kay).

Sub Caesar is a Netherlands-based music producer and IT Architect who makes that charismatic house that is infused with pop and is always easy on the ears.

At the moment my focus is on upbeat tracks, not trying to fall in a specific subcategory of house, but rather trying to incorporate stylistic elements of both classic and contemporary house music.” ~ Sub Caesar

Providing us that energy to the dancefloor that we have wanted for so long, Sub Caesar sparks our night into action with a light saber of light that will dazzle our souls just the way nature intended. Featuring the outstanding vocals of London, UK-based singer-songwriter Chloe Kay, this is a stunning single that will reverberate through your entire consciousness.

Consensual (Press Play)(feat. Chloe Kay) from Netherlands-based music producer Sub Caesar is a pulsating new soundtrack which will unearth your best moves and hidden courage to do what you need, so that you shall be with that fellow dancer who wants you when the time is right.

Seducing our minds with a sexy track to turn up really loud, this is a sizzling experience that will certainly tickle your fancy if you require some much-need adventure in your life.

Hear this terrific new release on Spotify and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Joyeur – How to Love Yourself and Not Destroy Everything


LA-based electro-pop duo, Joyeur helped their fans get their body beats in their intricately melodic and mindfully quintessential 10-track album, How to Love Yourself and Not Destroy Everything.

With the opening single, Underbelly, which melds Big Black Delta electronic textures with Lady Gaga-level pop supreme style, you are instantly caught off-guard by Joyeur’s ability to shine through the pain lyrically, vocally, and instrumentally. The convergences of genres switch between amalgamations of hip hop, RnB, pop and electro from there on out; the only constant, the artists inclination to vocally shine light on dimmed perspectives.

As someone who knows exactly how it feels to spin a self-destructive narrative and watch the carnage amass around my own spited belligerence, How to Love Yourself and Not Destroy Everything was so much more than just a feat of sonic serendipity.

There has never been such a succinct pop exposition on the necessity of self-awareness and accountability. Joyeur notably has what it takes to draw listeners into a world where they too see the beauty in life’s flaws through music.

The layers of synthetic elements don’t attempt anything all too grandiose between the tracks on the debut LP, leaving plenty of the sonic focus on the sanctity that streams from vocalist Joelle, who found the perfect match with her collaborator and producer, Anna Feller.

Here is what Joyeur had to say on their LP

“The album explores human themes of hopefulness, perseverance, self-acceptance and self-sabotage—experiences that have guided my writing from the beginning

I feel like I’ve torn the veil off my pain, fear, and insecurities to reveal a power that can be used for good. Empowering and accepting myself in this way feels like a gateway to letting love in and stopping undermining my own wants and needs. I can be my own worst enemy.”

The album is now available to stream on SoundCloud and Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


Scott the Pisces welcomes us to Summer ’22 in his latest pop stormer featuring BINX

Pop artists may have had their work cut out over the past two summers trying to feed sonic euphoria; now that summer anthems have ceased souring moods by reminding us of what we’re missing out on, Scott the Pisces is here with his viral worthy-track, Summer ’22, featuring BINX. It hits the contemporary curve while throwing right back to the originators of the ultimate summer hits (the Beach Boys, obviously).

Summer ’22 starts with the sun-bleached crunching electric guitar tones that will instantly hook in any indie rock aficionados. By the time the blissfully enlivening production has reached the driving momentum in the chorus, you’ll be wrapped up in the strident celebration of the season. Getting psyched by this blissfully hook-filled track by the up and coming UK artist is practically non-optional.

Summer ’22 is due for official release on May 27th; you can check it out via Spotify and SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Sydney electronic duo Mass Experience sends our pulses racing rather wonderfully on, ‘Visions’

Taken from their new ‘Pleasure and Purge‘ 9-track LP which is their 2nd full release, Mass Experience has dropped a scintillating track that should help you dust off those dancing shoes and get you back to that awaiting party with, ‘Visions‘.

Mass Experience is a Sydney, Australia-based electronic house duo that has recently signed a multi-album deal with Universal Music Group, InGrooves, and WorldSound.

Our vision is to energise you to live your most authentic life motivated by passion and love.” ~ Mass Experience

With a speaker-spinning anthem that is high in quality and euphoric in nature, Mass Experience displays its world-class qualities that shine a warm light on the door that we all need to open, that shall set free those anxious minds that have been warped away from happy times.

I basically had a nervous breakdown after both my parents died and had to figure out how to put the pieces of myself back together. I lost all my confidence, inspiration, and faith in my intuition which has always been my compass in life. ‘Pleasure And Purge’ is my journey through what I call the “awfulness”, rebelling against shame, rediscovering beauty and my playful nature.” ~ Katie from Mass Experience

Visions‘ from the legendary Sydney, Australia-based electronic house duo Mass Experience is a sizzling track all about trying to remember what you said, as you felt that spark that took you into an exhilarating place you wish you could experience 24 hours a day. The vocals here will put shivers on your arms and the breathtaking beat shall lift you up from any darkness that you might have been feeling recently, to put you into a merrier mood.

This is a soundtrack for 2022 and is such a pure release that has clearly been made by two renowned humans who just know what the world needs to hear.

Listen up to this new track on Spotify and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

JKLN shows us the tears and blood that have spilt onto the terrorized streets with, ‘Welcome to Ukraine’

As the undeserved slaughter continues when the shaken world needed peace and understanding instead of terrifying carnage, JKLN has dropped a song that should shock many who are still wondering why this happened with her latest release, ‘Welcome to Ukraine‘.

JKLN (pronounced Jacqueline) is a Kyiv, Ukraine-born, Athens, Greece-raised, Berlin, Germany-based indie electronic artist and music producer.

Combining deep and dark electronic dance productions with dreamy pop-inspired vocals JKLN has crafted a sound that blurs the lines between different musical worlds.” ~ JKLN

With a menacing tone that seems to somehow take you onto the battlefield to witness the sad destruction, JKLN is rather magnificent with a powerful performance that shall have your heart palpitating with fear as you imagine the absolute butchery that has taken place without cause.

Welcome to Ukraine‘ from Berlin, Germany-based indie electronic artist/music producer JKLN is a thunderous release that is packed with mystery and a heavy beat that shall awaken you rather quickly. This Ukraine-born artist has understandably been affected by the current war and sends us an epic soundtrack, to invite us inside the despair that has killed and displaced millions who deserved much better.

Showing us her music progression that has reached a world-class level, this is a reminder that the world isn’t fair sometimes but through music, we can understand the story a bit better if we open up our ears.

Hear this top new single on Spotify and see more on the IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen