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Desire oscillates through MXY’s latest hypnotic house anthem, Since I Met You

MXY, a trailblazing artist hailing from Bradford, UK, has once again demonstrated her unparalleled prowess in blending genres with her latest hypnotic house single Since I Met You. The track is a masterclass in musical alchemy, seamlessly fusing MXY’s innovative house and garage influences with the sultry undertones of contemporary R&B. It’s a potent testament to her evolution as an artist, producer, and songwriter since she began her journey at the tender age of fourteen.

Since I Met You is imbued with an intense, fervent desire that is almost tangible. MXY’s skill in crafting a fiery anthem is evident as the song oscillates, capturing the transformative power of desire. This transformation is not just lyrical but also musical, as the track delves deep into the core of our emotional spectrum.

The true genius of the track lies in its ability to ensnare the listener’s rhythmic pulses as captivatingly as it compels you to surrender your emotions and kneel at the altar of the progressions. The vocal lines are a force, ensuring that you feel the gravity of the emotion conveyed. Each note pulls you deeper, immersing you in an impeccably polished transcendence that is both uplifting and introspective.

MXY’s background, collaborating with industry stalwarts like Chad Dexter and Elliot James, shines through in the production quality of Since I Met You. As she continues to evolve and expand her horizons, there’s a palpable sense of anticipation for what she will bring in her debut album.

MXY’s debut album will drop on February 1st, 2024; stream the title single on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Someone Famous has made a transcendent debut with their ambient deep house/90s Euro dance mash-up, This is a Pleasure

Someone Famous’ moniker is going to become a self-fulfilling prophecy if they continue to produce tracks in the same future-defining vein as their blister of electronic euphoria, This is a Pleasure.

The debut single was right on the titular money for the way the transcendentally bright tones and luminous textures scintillate through the progressions as they juxtapose the depth of the basslines which bolster the track with rhythmic prowess. With melodic elements of ambient deep house fused with a 90s Euro dance energy and captivating vocal lines which effortlessly embody the soulful catharsis within the meticulously layered and produced instrumentals, This is a Pleasure couldn’t be closer to what it says on the tin.

With new releases locked, loaded and ready to infuse the airwaves with refreshing syntheses of innovation, Someone Famous is an artist to keep on your radar through 2024. It’s only a matter of time before the Brighton-based artist gets offers from reputable labels for their ability to fuse nostalgia with intuitive ingenuity.

This is a Pleasure was officially released on November 25; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Bitvert oscillated doom through his harbingering experimental deep bass track, Distress Signal

Bitvert’s experimental deep bass single ‘Distress Signal’ is an scintillating foray into the realm of underground electronica, seamlessly merging dark textures and tonalities with an omnipresent sense of impending doom. More than just a composition; it’s an experience, an auditory journey through the depths of electronic music’s more shadowy corridors.

Distress Signal starts the transmission with a harbingering sense of doom that is immediately palpable, it pulsates through the oscillating basslines that forge the spine of this musical beast. To evoke a primal response, enthralling and unsettling in equal measure, Bitvert bolstered the resonance in the bass which exhibits his reverence for the DIY ethos of punk.

The sharp cuts of the snares in Distress Signal add a layer of urgency to the track; they are meticulously crafted to cut through the deep bass, serving as a stark contrast that enhances the overall texture of the piece. This percussive element lends the track a glitchy trip-hop nuance, further diversifying the auditory palette.

When you hit play on the filmic, almost Lynchian ingenuity, you are more than a passive recipient of sound, you’re transported to a dark, brooding and intensely atmospheric realm. It’s an auditory odyssey that pushes the boundaries of electronic music and leaves a lasting impression.

Distress Signal will be transmitted on December 4th; stream it on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Shea delivered sultry, dynamic and utterly unforgettable dancehall-infused pop with CARTERTHEBANDIT with ‘U Mine’

Shea’s latest hot and steamy RnB pop track, U Mine, is a rhythmic aphrodisiac that invites you to lose yourself in its intoxicating groove. Collaborating with Peckham’s own CARTERTHEBANDIT, the track is a masterful exhibition of raw synergy and explosive musical chemistry. Shea, with his background in theatre and performance, brings a performance to the track that’s both glittery and soulful, encapsulating the essence of his queer and devilishly evocative artistry.

Between CARTERTHEBANDIT’s fiery bars that add a palpable heat and the meticulously stylised production choices, which set the verses up like foreplay to tantalise and tease before erupting into the climactic choruses, U Mine is a red hot remedy for the heart, libido and soul.

U Mine not only sets the mood but embodies it, from the rhythmically charged beats to the intoxicating vocal deliveries. It’s a testament to Shea’s versatility as an artist who can hold his own alongside the gritty authenticity of a rapper like CARTERTHEBANDIT. This track stands as a shining example of what independent artists can achieve, echoing Shea’s accolades and experiences from his performances at Pride festivals to his recognition on BBC Introducing. It’s a song that captures the essence of a night out—sultry, dynamic, and utterly unforgettable.

Stream U Mine on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Ariana Rodriguez & Guap-O Unstoppable brought luxe grooves to the airwaves with ‘Forever Invited’

With the eclecticism in her discography, there’s no telling what Ariana Rodriguez will pull out of her bag of sonic dynamism next; her collaboration with Guap-O Unstoppable on ‘Forever Invited’ didn’t disappoint. It’s a showstopper of a downtempo vibe-spiller that takes the Jersey club sound to the next level.

After a smooth, steady and syncopated prelude that drenches the listener in atmospheric reverb, the track seamlessly picks up the pace ensuring not a drop of the stylised soul was lost along the way. The way Ariana’s effect-laden vocal lines sink into the glitchy ethereal soundscape is a guaranteed ticket to transcendence; as for the authenticity, you’d be hard-pressed to find another artist as committed to keeping in their distinctive lane, but if you’re a fan of Kate Davies, Ada Lea, and Squirrel Flower, you won’t go far wrong hitting play.

Forever Invited was officially released on November 3rd; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Lana Oniel reached the pinnacle of cerebral electro-pop with her darkly ensnaring sophomore single, hypothalamus

After finding her fire in the City of Angels, Lana Oniel put the devil on her shoulder to release her darkly ensnaring sophomore single, hypothalamus, which reaches the pinnacle of cerebral electro-pop.

The moodily spectral release seductively defies the pop mould with a vocal delivery which finds a way to stylise histrionic eccentricity and a beat that consistently switches, never allowing you to feel complacent in the aesthetic. hypothalamus wasn’t orchestrated to entice you into comfort; Oniel efficaciously used her early years in musical theatre to confront her rapidly growing audience with an earworm which makes no bones about using its claws to sink into your synapses.

If you can imagine meeting Lady Gaga in a dark and nefarious dream soundtracked by Melleefresh and Chelsea Wolfe, you’ll get an idea of what awaits when you delve into this perfect follow-up to Oniel’s debut, Hard Just to Be.

Hypothalamus was officially released on November 2nd. Stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

DJ Homeboy & Kay Law brought hedonistic hypnotism to the dancefloor with their hit, 2 in 1

DJ Homeboy and Kay Law brought rhythmic hypnotism to the dancefloor with their collaboration on the high vibe, big beat hit, 2 in 1, which reimagines the 90s Europop sound as one that oscillates with an unapologetically infectious brand of hedonism that draws you right into the heat of the wanton lust.

The snappy backbeat and Afrobeat nuances keep the energy electrifying through the progressions which get catchier with every repeat listen for the way they bolster the earwormy vocal delivery from the Nigerian British singer-songwriter who can often be found genre-bending to contort her distinctively impassioned sonic signature.

We can’t wait to see the boundaries that Kay Law is set to break in 2024 and beyond after her hits have received plaudits and airplay from BBC Introducing in Summer 2022. Watch this space to see the major waves she brings down on the UK pop scene she’s destined to reign over.

2 in 1 was officially released on October 27; stream it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

JANAYAH & Marcus Wiles brought euphoria to the dancefloor with their liberating EDM anthem, NOTHING TO LOSE

With their tantamount talent, the debut single, NOTHING TO LOSE, from the emerging vocalist and lyricist JANAYAH and EDM producer Marcus Wiles, who are both enrolled in the prestigious BRIT School in London studying music and production, respectively, is a radio-ready affirmation that whether they’re honing their collaborative chemistry or going solo, they’ll both have an illustrious career ahead of them.

The way the tension and emotion-fraught stabs of piano keys under JANAYAH’s stridently pitch-perfect vocals lead up to a mind-bendingly liberating drum n bass-drenched EDM crescendo signed, sealed, and delivered a promising future for the duo.

Their reverence for EDM and ability to emanate the same meticulous song-crafting flair as the likes of Calvin Harris, 3LAU, ChrisLake, Joel Corry, David Guetta, and Tiesto, will leave you on a knife edge as sharp as the hooks.

Once the monolithic momentum grips you, you’ll be at the mercy of the powerhouse duo. We can’t wait to hear the sophomore release after getting to grips with the transcendent debut, which could easily be considered the strongest EDM debut in 2023.

NOTHING TO LOSE is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Melancholia spills into the cosmos with Sub Caesar’s melodically progressive tech house cocktail Into the Oblast (When Will You Be Home) ft Brunetti

Some EDM anthems drop, others make a collision that will make an ever-lasting impression; Sub Caesar’s latest orchestration, Into the Oblast (When Will You Be Home) ft Brunetti, is luxe enough in meaningful momentum to scorch the airwaves on its arrival.

The dark and melancholic anthem, which is drenched in enough yearning and desperation for security and sanctity that it spills pensiveness into the cosmos, pulls together with a cohesion that makes it impossible not to surrender to the mellifluous instrumental layering and the searing soul in Brunetti’s glassy vocal lines. If her timbre sounds familiar, you may have heard her in her tracks featured on Netflix shows, including Selling Sunset, Love is Blind, and The Circle.

By exploring the most elemental trappings of melodic house & techno and progressive house, Sub Caesar produced an evocatively energising Tour De Force, which should necessitate the removal of the ‘sub’ affix from his moniker.

The independent Dutch producer, Sub Caesar, said:

“The inspiration for this track came from one of these heart-breaking clips of soldiers returning home, hugging their children. Amongst all the terrible news and images of war and war victims, his clip touched me deeply. A strong emotion is a good basis for music! The word ‘Oblast’ means region or province in Ukraine. In this track, it stands for any harm a loved one could be in while also being far away from home and the anxiety and special kind of longing that this causes. Having said that, yes, you can hear the actual Kiev air siren in there, pitched down a semitone to match the musical scale.”

Into the Oblast will officially be released on November 3rd; hear it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The genre alchemist James Urquhart is set to unleash his progressively prodigious hit, The Tearz and the Pain

The genre alchemist and one of the top producers in the UK, James Urquhart, drifted through a melodic menagerie of style in his latest single, The Tearz and the Pain, which is locked, loaded, and ready to drop an atom bomb of ingenuity onto the airwaves.

With all the hooky body-rocking flavour of 90s boyband pop in the deliciously infectious vein of the hit that announced Backstreet’s Back after a mellow 80s RnB opening sequence that Seal fans will give the seal of approval, Tearz and the Pain reaches its high-octane peak in a euphoric intersection of drum n bass before winding the track right down again.

The progressive prodigy left us arrested with every aural transgression and convinced us that labels will be hammering down the door to his professional studio, which he uses to produce his and other people’s hits. Previously, his music has been distributed by Hed Kandi and Let There Be House; there’s no telling who will pick him up next.

Follow James Urquhart on SoundCloud and Instagram to be the first to know when The Tearz and the Pain drops; with the soul it sonically unleashes, it is more than worth the wait.

Review by Amelia Vandergast