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Emily Silver raises the temperature in her dance-pop track, ‘Feel the Flames’

Emily Silver

Independent London-based singer-songwriter Emily Silver’s latest future pop track, Feel the Flames, is enough to make Lady Gaga sound tame. The single that was co-written and produced by the Brit Award winner, Simon Ellis (Britney, Spice Girls, S Club 7), is the epitome of filthy pop.

The bass-drenched-drops motif the track with electrifying energy which Silver easily matches with her fiercely resounding vocal timbre. Emily Silver has already performed in the Royal Albert Hall and the 02 Arena, but with her vocals, there isn’t a stage she couldn’t command. There’s a magnetic amount of hunger in Feel the Flames that grips you with sharp melodic teeth and refuses to let go.

Feel the Flames is due for release on July 16th; you can check out Emily Silver on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Tom Tom Park embraces authenticity in his single, ‘Adore Me’, featuring Disc Eyes.

For his latest feat of hyper disco-pop, Netherlands-based songwriter and producer Tom Tom Park teamed up with vocalist Disc Eyes to create a vibrant funk-riding hit that surpasses energetic and moves into the realms of mania – in the best possible way.

The dancey beats, dizzying synths and funky basslines are reminiscent of what you will find on Daft Punk and the Weeknd records. But Adore Me comes with an even deeper sense of soul which is where the influence from artists such as Donna Summer comes into play.

Given that Tom Tom Park has already received praise from one-half of the Scissor Sisters (Jake Shears), he scarcely needs our approval. Yet, notably, his boldly eccentric approach to disco deserves to be met with rapturous acclaim internationally; digging authenticity out of disco in 2021 is no easy feat.

Adore Me is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Way In: Peach Giraffe wants much more on the emotionally-charged electronic track ‘Hate Letting Go’

As he screams in potent disgust for being pushed outside that is much to his annoyance, Peach Giraffe puts it all on the line as he strives to find that elusive way back no matter what on ‘Hate Letting Go‘.

Peach Giraffe is a Midland, Texas-based indie electronic singer-songwriter artist and music producer. He makes that raw edged music that cuts deep into your perspective, and has you looking further inside his state of mind.

I make music that I would love to hear. I usually just make whatever I’m feeling or what I hear in my head.” – Peach Giraffe

You feel his disappointment for being let outside into the cold when he wanted things to be stronger than before. His mind swirls wickedly with confusion as to the reasons – as he swarms on the mic with an agitated attitude – that shows his hunger for redemption.

Hate Letting Go‘ from the Midland, Texas-based musician Peach Giraffe, is the story of being unhappy with what transpired and doing whatever was required, to make them understand that you are not accepting this outcome. This is a full-paced single that has your heart beating rather quicker than before, as you turn up the volume to capture his mood and dig further to understand his raw vocals.

The single has you thinking about when you were thrown to the wolves – took your bruises and frostbite – and came back to see where you went wrong, so you could make amends as you can’t let go yet. A fiery and determined mindset, is the way forward in any situation.

Stream this exciting new single on YouTube and see more on his IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lucasso – Let it Go: Trippy Urban EDM

Electronica artist and producer Lucasso is continuing to garner acclaim and rack up streams with his constraint-less mixes. His refusal to acknowledge the demarcations between the electronic genres shines through in his recent dynamic release, Let it Go, which allows you to do just that.

The visceral yet ambient experimental hit incorporates elements of trippy urban EDM and pulsates through energetic grooves. By sticking to the warmer end of the tonal palette, Let It Go comes with a blissfully euphoric downbeat swagger which your summer EDM playlists will thank you for.

Let It Go is now available to stream on Soundcloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Everyone Needs A Light Sometimes: Daniella Spadini certainly finds the special spark on debut ‘Part Of You’

With her small-town humble nature shining through beautifully into the wind as she embarks on this exciting journey to release her own music, Daniella Spadini wholeheartedly desires that tender touch right now as she wishes they were close to light the love together like fireworks in the sky on ‘Part Of You‘.

Daniella Spadini is an emerging 21-years-young rural Northern California-born indie pop singer-songwriter, dog lover and flower enthusiast, who calls Berklee College of Music her home currently, as he finishes up her undergrad in songwriting.

As a teen, she performed with a Top 40 cover band in hundreds of shows at venues that include Disneyland and the
California State Fair. Feeling called back to her songwriting roots, she soon left the band to focus on her own artistry.” – Daniella Spadini

With a whirlwind of a gushingly attractive voice that seems to have your back standing straight up to attention, you get lost into her wonderful sound that is backed up with a rather special beat here. The two combine so perfectly and this is a stunning debut track, that is surely up there with the more promising indie singles of 2021.

Part Of You‘ from the youthfully exuberant Northern California-born pop singer and skilled songwriter Daniella Spadini, has us dreaming about being with the person of our dreams who is a bit further away than we would like. The spark is there but the lighter is hidden away for now – as we hold onto their memory really tight – before it fades away into the night, never to be seen again.

Hear this top new single on her Spotify and see more of her music journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hoping This Isn’t A Faze: Danny Aro and Pucker party like it was 2019 again with ‘Saint Laurent Bad’

With a club-vibe-slide that has your excited body feeling light and ready to enjoy the fun-pack night, Danny Aro and Pucker happily take our minds away from current affairs with the free-feeling new EDM single that has you enthusiastically dusting off your lonely dance shoes on ‘Saint Laurent Bad‘.

Danny Aro is a highly creative and free-spirited Mount Kisco, New York-born, Redding, Connecticut-based electronic musician and vocalist, who makes a variety of different music dependent on how he is feeling on the day.

He has a hard working attitude that takes him on a wild journey which flows like the gushing winds – as all he wants to do is inspire others – to follow their dreams no matter what obstacles fall in the way.

I write in different perceptions of people as well as my own perception from things I’ve seen throughout my youth. I want people to be themselves and have fun, and when they finish listening to me after a drive or in the club, I hope they start feeling themselves”. ~ Danny Aro

Saint Laurent Bad‘ from the excitingly unique Danny Aro and Pucker, has your mind racing like an Indy car, as you look around and just go for it on the dance floor, no matter who might, or is attentively watching. You feel a bit flush in your pocket and know what you want, as you speak to her and just know that she is going to smile back. This is that confident type of song that has you sliding all night – as you ignore the watch and just look into each others eyes-  to feel totally alive after so long locked away.

Hear this new track on Spotify and check out the IG page for more late-night stories.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Try And Rescue My Heart: Russian artist Miliah falls really deep but doesn’t always want saving on her dynamic new single ‘Common’

With a uniquely different style that has you looking deeper into her sensitively strong soul, Miliah knows that she can mostly save herself from all the love-torn hurt and childish games from selfish former lovers, with the breathtaking story about falling down sometimes on ‘Common‘.

Miliah is a St. Petersburg, Russia-based music producer, and indie singer-songwriter. Influenced by various genres such as electronic, RnB, neo-soul and hip-hop, she blends a magnificently fascinating mixture of pure music vibrations for our hungry ears, that is rather intoxicating.

As she sings with such a vivid style that opens the curtain inside her life that has made her so strong, her willingness to do something special really sets her apart. Criminally underrated, you feel her pulsating passion and desire to do things her way, but does need to be caught every now and again, when she does stray too far down under.

Common‘ from the stylishly elegant and highly talented Russian music producer and neo-soul singer Miliah, shows us a woman who knows that she needs help sometimes, but only wants to be with a soul who truly believes in her. After way too many falls and heartbreaks – she is so determined to rise over the small-mindedness – to find her destined path that she has earned through hard work. She is not like the rest and is totally okay with that. Only the brave shall survive anyway.

Stream this fresh new single on Spotify and see more on her vibrant IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lajze – Glue: Meet the Lydia Lunch of this Generation

London-based British/Polish singer-songwriter and composer Lajze has released her latest indulgently obscure, avant-garde trip-hop EP, Red Sea. Any fans of Lydia Lunch, David Lynch’s phantasmal aural works and Marc Hurtado will want to experience the mesmerizingly dark soundscapes for themselves.

The best introduction to the electronically-crafted no-wave release is the lead single, Glue; that is exactly how it will stick to your synapses as you drink in the haunting atmosphere and feel the chill of the ominous droning bass around the glitchy beats. The sensual vocals add even more ethereal ambience to the single as they work around striking meta poetry which serves as lyricism.

Glue is now available to stream via SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Chasing Sanity: Nepal-born Sumnima Rai finds the path away from the doubts with the electric female anthem ‘She’

With her trusty black boots on tight and her camouflage hoodie hiding her hair away from the cold day, Sumnima Rai sends us a message of hope that tells us you can achieve anything you set your mind to despite the unforeseen hurdles on ‘She‘.

Sumnima Rai is a Napal-born, New York-based indie pop/EDM singer-songwriter and YouTuber. She makes that absorbing type of soundscape that has you feeling like you can walk through that door and into a new world of progression, for the soul to heal with.

Dedicated to all the fighters and dreamers who are focused on their journey and who rise above their falls, failures and betrayals.” – Sumnima Rai

You feel her highly emotion-filled lyrics that show she has been fighting the demons to find a way out from her own thoughts, as she now finds the positive path that will have her smiling again. Her stunning voice is striking and mixed with that distinctive EDM beat, this is a sterling single that will have you feeling rather reflective.

She‘ from the Nepal-born YouTuber and indie pop/EDM singer-songwriter Sumnima Rai, shows us a woman on a mission to make sure that we all stay inspired in this scary world. This wonderfully self-aware singer grips our attention with a fiery track that has you feeling so invigorated again. The passion is swarming from her eyes as he remembers the heartbreak and the broken glass – her determined and almost-healed mind is now made up –  that she can conquer this moment to lead out from within the darkness forever.

See this top new music video on YouTube and see more on her IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

RudeBrutal – Sun & Bass: Indie-Dance Tech-House

Enliven your Drum n Bass playlists with RudeBrutal’s ensnaring new track, Sun & Bass, which was inspired by a sunset over the Danube river.

Very few things can top the vibrant and fiery beauty of a sunset, but RudeBrutal manages to eclipse it with his bass-drenched beats and shimmering synths that lay in a bed of pulsating deep tech breakbeat rhythms.

During his long and colourful career in the music industry, RudeBrutal has been an on-air-DJ, sound editor and recording engineer. He has composed and produced for musicals, other artists and theatre. In 2000, he took a short break from the aural world to hone in on his video production skills. In 2014, he returned to the music industry with his unique indie-dance tech-house sound that we can’t wait to hear more of.

Sun & Bass is now available to stream on SoundCloud. Or you can check out the official video on YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast