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Flying Higher Than Most: Atlanta EDM artist Darth Athena looks for more on ‘Skydome’

With a booming beat that has your alert senses wide awake and vividly imagining being back in that sweaty club while you dance all night, Darth Athena takes us into a whole new world of possibilities with ‘Skydome‘.

Darth Athena is an Atlanta, Georgia-based EDM solo artist and music producer. This is a cultivated musician who has used his varied influences from his love of trance, techno, tech-house, RnB, pop, and video game soundtracks, to produce a truly body-stimulating experience.

Darth grew up listening to electronic dance music, movie soundtracks, fantasy soundtracks, darkwave, rave, rock, jazz, rap, and R&B music since childhood. An accumulation of influences and listening to several music artists, genres have had an impact on his musical style and sound.” ~ Darth Athena

Skydome‘ from the Atlanta, Georgia-based EDM artist and music producer Darth Athena, is a mighty effort from a highly proficient artist who takes our impressionable minds into a new planet up above that is rather mysterious. He takes the lid off all the restrictions that have shaken our independence recently, with a truly ear-shaking track that seems to fill so many genres. This is the type of track to play at a house party or perhaps when you are working out in the gym, to get that blood flowing furiously again.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I Want Chills: Gaby Duboisjoli returns with the memorable French/English single ‘J’veux des frissons’

Motivated by her parents’ career as cancan soloists at the legendary Moulin Rouge in Paris, Gaby Duboisjoli is back with her superbly-created single that might take your breath away with its true beauty on display with ‘J’veux des frissons‘.

Gaby Duboisjoli is a multi-genre loving rural French village-born, London-based indie electro-pop solo artist and pianist who is always looking to evolve her musical compositions.

J’veux des frissons was commissioned by Litzic Music and is a poem written by Sylvie Helly set to music and performed by female indie artist Gaby Duboisjoli. it will be premiered live on 12 October as part of the Arts Council funded “Women Do South” festival in Clapham, London. The track was mastered by Joe Nevis, and speaks of missing the stage, the thrill of performing and the buzz of an audience.” ~ Gaby Duboisjoli

With her lusciously cultivated vocal proficiency that is quite bone-tingling at times, Gaby Duboisjoli is at her best on a well-constructed single which shows off her elevated mindset which is truly a wonderful listen.

J’veux des frissons‘ from the sensational London-based indie artist Gaby Duboisjoli, is a delightful experience that will have you closing your eyes and envisioning being with that special person who gives you the chills when you see them. Sung with a calming ambience that is such a pleasure to witness – this is the kind of track to put on loud after a long day as you soak gleefully in a hot bubble bath with the candles lit beside you – as it might cause you to feel a lot more relaxed than before, as you take your tired mind away from any stress in the world.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Wild And Free Tonight: California-based EDM artist Aglet desires that closeness on ‘Who We Wanna Be’ (feat. Brunetti)

With a hand-clapping rapture and body-joining beat that has you breaking all those flimsy walls you thought were made out of concrete before, Aglet has us jumping up and down with the love of our lives on ‘Who We Wanna Be‘.

With music creations flowing effortlessly from his mind like a true professional, Aglet aka Joey Crippen is an Irvine, California-based indie EDM music producer and artist who is known for his electro slap house music.

Aglet’s interest in technology and the future of the world greatly influences his music, he invites listeners to a world that anyone can find themselves falling into with just the click of a button.” ~ Aglet

Featuring the pacifying talents of Brighton, UK-based Brunetti (aka singer-songwriter Betty Lawrence), this is a magnetic effort from Aglet that will be playing loud and proud all over the world due to its happy nature. You feel like that is a soul-connecting anthem that urges us all to unlock all those pesky self-created doubts and get on with chasing those obtainable dreams with someone who truly gets you.

Who We Wanna Be‘ from the Irvine, California-based indie EDM music producer Aglet, is a late-night body-groover that shall take you to a new state of bliss you presumably sealed in the dungeons of your mind to keep safe. There is much to like about such a commercially-likeable song with loads to lather yourself into like a steamy foam party. This is the story about holding onto your soulmate and never letting them go, as you know that together, you two can conquer anything.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

No Lies: Indiana-based music producer/rapper TSF reflects on his life with the foot-stomping ‘Doubted’

Released from his just-dropped 12-track album that shows us the world is ‘Too Far Gone’, TSF brings the house down with a tremendously electric speaker-breaking performance on ‘Doubted‘.

TSF is a youthful Indiana, USA-based indie hip-hop/EDM solo artist and well-established music producer who makes that honest type of music we can all connect to.

Everything I do involves music. If I’m not listening to music, just know that I’m very unhappy,” Kaleb states. The sound he produces invokes emotion and allows listeners to relate. “I’m very personal with my music because that’s just it. I’m human.” ~ TSF

After previously only making EDM music which was showcased via his debut album ‘Retribute‘, we now find an innovative soul who has decided to bring his love of hip-hop inside his original creations. There is a highly imaginative musician here who is only interested in making something new for us to soak into, as he refreshingly avoids copying anybody else.

Doubted‘ from the Indiana, USA-based indie hip-hop/EDM solo artist and music producer TSF, is a roaring effort all about looking back at your life and keeping positive no matter what the storms outside may be doing. This is an ear-rattling effort that is filled with raps and a thumping beat that has your heart beating rather quickly. Just the way TSF intended.

Hear this enjoyable new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Lake Awaits Us: Chicago’s Treneti ignites our hidden flames with ‘Fast Drive On LSD’

Taken off her brand new 10-track album release called ‘A Fertile Nile‘, Treneti captures our awareness sharply on the ear-warming single all about having a ride you won’t quickly forget on the body-tingling ‘Fast Drive On LSD‘.

Treneti Brown aka Treneti is a multi-skilled Chicago, USA-based vocalist, bassist, indie electronic music producer, professional dancer, singer-songwriter, and is known worldwide for her outstanding work in regenerative arts.

Treneti infuses a deep understanding of the importance of embodiment, self-introspection, and healing frequencies into her music. Treneti believes the rhythms and melodies of our ancestors are stored within our DNA. In her song composition process, she engages with this remembrance, bringing forth a truly unique emanation of the sacred ancient nomadic and celestial essence of humanity.” ~ Treneti

With a soothing voice that has your valuable mind feeling so much more comfortable than before you pressed play, Treneti is quite scintillating here on a track that has so much magnetic attraction. This is a consciousness-calming experience like no other, as we are let into a whole new way of thinking from a true visionary who is only just getting started.

Fast Drive On LSD‘ from the soulfully-stimulating Chicago, USA-based music producer, artist, and elegant dancer Treneti, is that spellbinding song with luscious vocals you have only dreamed of before. With her calming 420-friendly energy that transmits only peace and love, this is a mind-soaring effort that takes you into a more elevated place than before.

Life is all about advancing spiritually, after all, to lift yourself away from anything holding you back.

Hear this nourishing new single on her Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A New Perspective: Germany-based producer H2whoa finds inspiration with new surroundings on ‘Changing Spots’

With a mind-bending release so inventive your subconscious will be fizzing with ideas on what is actually contained in this parcel of treats, H2whoa is at his best with a marvellous effort that might have you looking deeply at the sky above as you plot your next move on ‘Changing Spots‘.

H2whoa is a non-fortune-seeking indie-electronic music producer, pianist, violinist, and guitarist, who has recently moved from the UK to Germany. This is an artist who is here for different reasons to most, as this scientist-by-day makes a web of joyful sounds to be inspired by.

I have no illusions of being a famous musician. I just love making music that I enjoy. I also love the idea that there might be other people who enjoy listening to what I create. I choose to remain anonymous because all I really care about is making music for myself and finding an audience for it, rather than for me as a person.” ~ H2whoa

Featuring different elements from his varied love of diverse genres, H2whoa is a rare musician who you don’t hear very often. Mysteriously, he is face-hidden away from the world – which is just the way he likes it – as this is a track that will have you in a thoughtfully inventive mood and contemplating about doing things you have left on the dusty shelf for too long.

Changing Spots‘ from the multi-skilled Germany-based indie electronic music producer and scientist H2whoa is a fantastic new single that is almost triumphant in nature, as he turned around the gloom from moving into a country during a torrid lockdown, to truly find his own sound.

Winning when the chips are down and avoiding carnage flying into your soul, is a truly impressive display from any possible viewpoint.

Listen to this new release on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

In Motion: Remarkable German electronic music producer GRAY shows us the way on her ‘Fractal’

With her highly-acclaimed skillset revealing to us a vividly cultivated track that is always in beautiful motion as she intended, GRAY sends us into a whole new world with the first single of her upcoming EP called ‘Dialogue Systems‘, with ‘Fractal‘.

GRAY is a well-conceptualized project by Cologne, Germany-based indie electronic music producer and well-established designer Stefanie Grawe, who blends in her love for design, music and technology, into an original work that is highly impressive to witness.

Swelling up our curious minds with something so appealing in a peculiar world that is frequently flashlight-free and full of dreaded darkness, GRAY sparks up our enchantment with a breathtaking presentation that has your spirit alive with plausibilities of what the future holds. There is a real class here that is embedded into the almost-crystalized creation here, that seems to bring a warm feeling of hope to your whole awareness.

Fractal‘ from the composed Cologne, Germany-based indie electronic music producer GRAY, is a breakbeat experience that will have you completely transfixed into this new planet that has been assembled by such an incredibly talented artist. Her visionary standard is for all to see here and this is something so unique, which in a world full of lazy copycats, is a real wonderous experience to absolutely be enamoured by.

Hear this outstanding new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

RIP: Bitvert sends fitting tribute to a true legend on the 8-minute mind-bender ‘Residue’

Residue by bitvert

Slamming the bass down with expert effect as he brings us a track that has been dedicated to a true legend who has sadly been lost, Bitvert takes us into the proper underground to see what is left inside on ‘Residue‘.

Bitvert is a London, UK-based indie electronic music producer and live performer who makes a truly expert range of ear-sizzlers beyond comprehension for most that shall take you to a place back in time when the world wasn’t so broken.

This is a fine addition to our ravenous ears and is a fantastic track to say thanks to the Windsor, UK-based Andrew Weatherall, the British musician, DJ and record producer known for helming Primal Scream’s Screamadelica, who tragically passed away due to a fatal pulmonary embolism earlier in 2020.

This track is dedicated to Andrew Weatherall. Patron of the underground. Rest in beats.” ~ Bitvert

Residue‘ from the London, UK-based indie electronic music producer and live performer Bitvert, is a roaring track that is edged with that truly hardcore sound that is so rare these days. He missiles in with a swarming bounce that takes you into a whole new world, as the speakers shake in anticipation for the next move. This is a sumptuous effort that shall have your whole soul feeling rather intrigued – and filled with that vintage sounding feel – that is a glorious listen for all fans of this genre.

Hear this bass-tumping new single on Bandcamp and see more via the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Cold Wind: Salt Lake City-based Fearless Union shows us those endless nights on ‘Shadow of My Grave’

Ravaging our delicate souls with a mightily strong display from a character piece about the leader of a revolution, Fearless Union drops a track from his well-built 12-track release ‘The Supreme Leader‘ with an intensely strong effort on ‘Shadow of My Grave‘.

Fearless Union is a Salt Lake City, Utah-based indie dance/hip-hop act which was formed by Brent Walker who is also a writer and music producer.

Brent’s music draws from a series of original stories based on a sci-fi fantasy world steeped in mythology. “The Supreme Leader” represents the first of those stories, and focuses on spirituality (pain, death, and hope) to bring to life the strengths and flaws of its titular character.” ~ Fearless Union

Fearless Union shakes the nucleus of our vein-popping hearts with a stunning display that has been made with a real show of strength. This is a highly-evolving artist who makes that entertaining music – that is such a wondrous listen – and filled full with a really outstanding beat that grabs you close and never lets go for a second.

Shadow of My Grave‘ from the Salt Lake City, Utah-based indie dance/hip-hop solo artist Fearless Union, is a bass-slamming experience that is so naturally stimulating and helps us challenge all of those fears inside our enthralled heart. There is much love and care blown through from the darkness here, to help all of us get through whatever demons we have plastered to our fragile skin.

Check out this fine new single via Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Let Me Find That Peace: Sol Naut truly misses that special one on ‘Your Love’

After dazzling our stirred-like-Bond’s-martini senses with his previous sizzling single from earlier in 2021 named ‘Voyager‘, Sol Naut has our pressurized pulses sprinting with a spectacular effort for the ages with ‘Your Love‘.

Sol Naut is a mysteriously enthralling electronic solo artist and music producer who is fairly new on the scene but performs with an experienced edge that lets you know that he is for real.

Sol Naut drops one of the more bass-stretching singles of 2021 so far with an extraordinary effort that has you appreciating nature again – with the cute chirps of the birds to the strong growl at the end – that has your whole body back outside again and away from the addictive forces that can grab your attention, with a little box to keep you away from where you should be.

Your Love‘ from this quality electronic artist Sol Naut, appears to be the kind of track that is all about taking time to reflect on what has gone on before. The outstanding beat is superb and has your fascinated ears shaking from all the charm that leaves you in quite the tranquil state, to replenish your hungry soul that needs that love again.

Finding your place again through meditation is the only way to heal up first, so that you may love intensely again.

Check out this vibe-filled single on Spotify and see more news on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen