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I See You: Farenwyde opens our mind up on dazzling debut Eerie

Taking our souls into a happier place and brushing away all the cold, Farenwyde bolsters our imagination far from the frozen lake via a finger clicking experience to feel alive with on Eerie.

Farenwyde aka Sasha Andreyevskiy is an emerging electronic music producer who formulates the kind of tracks which shall flip moods over forever.

My music production journey started in April 2022, though I have always wanted to create and share my music with the world.” ~ Farenwyde

Brushing all pain away and taking us into a more peaceful world, Farenwyde is rather impressive here on this monumental anthem for those who need hope in a volatile world.

Eerie from the skilled electronic music producer Farenwyde is a special song which shows us the taste of freedom for all its magnificence and never lets go. Fueling our emotions to spark up and layered rather expertly, this is a hugely promising debut single to treasure for its soul-healing qualities.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Feel the temperature drop with the dystopic chill in Kabinyo’s industrial EDM single, I Am Collins

no more chasing ghosts by kabinyo

Atlanta-based producer and artist Kabinyo drenches his hip hop beats in dark and cinematically caustic atmosphere to a scintillating effect. His latest single, I Am Collins, moves past synthwave to firmly implant itself in the ambient industrial genre.

The mostly instrumental piece carries the futuristic simulated chill of an isolated dystopia, akin to the synthesised textures within the Sucker Punch Remix of Army of Me by Bjork. Despite his experimentalism, Kabinyo has celebrated ample success with his eclectically crafted instrumentals. His most successful single to date, Vogue, was picked up by Manimal Vinyl before being published by Sony. With his upcoming LP, he’s veered further away from hip hop towards rock and EDM; it’s a move that will undoubtedly see him go further in his already accoladed career.

I Am Collins is now available to stream and download on Bandcamp.

Stay tuned for the full release of the album no more chasing ghosts, which will officially release on January 6th.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Burst of Electricity: Ilustrado feels that sensational spark of passion on Ecstasy

Wrapped in an illuminating bundle of vitality which shall shock many, Ilustrado shall send our minds into a thrilling place of pure sensual enjoyment on Ecstasy.

Ilustrado is a New York-based Manila, Philippines-born indie EDM artist and music producer who slams the door shut on any doubters with blazing hot creations to savour.

After finishing his studies, he carved out a career in opera, musical theater, and sacred music with critical acclaim. When all his performances took a hit during the 2020 pandemic, he turned to songwriting as a creative outlet and rediscovered his passion and gift for it. Finding his renewed artistic calling at a time when the world stood still, Ilustrado is currently producing the Pearl Drive Project – his first anthology of works in rock, soul, and dance.” ~ Ilustrado

With a locked in spirit which will please many ravenous souls, Ilustrado has changed the game with a true ear-heater which might make many humans blush with excitement.

Ecstasy from New York-based EDM artist and music producer Ilustrado is one of the steamiest efforts so far in 2022. Drenched in so much glorious splendour to turn up loud, this is a sexy track for all those sweaty nights when two souls have decided to connect as one.

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Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

nasir mf. pushed the boundaries of sonic expression in his emotion-driven EDM hit, fuckin lonely

If the sub-genre emo EDM doesn’t already exist on some dark and despondent corner on the internet, the electronica producer, nasir mf. started it with his trappy trailblazer of a debut single, fuckin lonely.

After a wavy indie trap prelude, the hit blasts off with a high-fire boost of momentum that allows the track to transcend drum n bass before the candid vocals run through pioneeringly bold lyricism to shatter the stigma attached to admissions of loneliness.

To make such an honest track at any point in their career is a brave move; to choose this track to introduce himself to the world, nasir mf. is a total fucking icon. The Brooklyn-based electronica artist made his debut to carry on the legacy of the black artists before him while pushing the boundaries of sound and expression. In the process of succeeding across the board, he became an instant icon in our view.

Nothing compares to the high of hearing an artist speak the unspoken and fuckin lonely let the euphoric floodgates open. We can’t wait to hear what comes next.

fuckin lonely was officially released on December 2nd and is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Like A Prisoner: ZUSO longs for that touch all night on Take Me (feat. Jaki Nelson)

After last paralyzing our minds on the much-loved release Lost In Time, ZUSO desires so much more than the average romance on the body-sliding sizzler to cook your dinner with called Take Me (feat. Jaki Nelson).

Born with the name Gabriel Cuenca, ZUSO is a Southside Sydney, Australia-based indie music producer and DJ who is certainly one of the most talented electronic artists around.

Burning his light bright in 2022, Zuso has seen consistent support across his releases this year from industry and fans alike, With additions to Just Chill (357k) and Sunday Sessions (104k) on Spotify and endorsement from tastemakers across the globe, he is primed to be one of Australia’s best electronic exports in 2023.” ~ ZUSO

Projected with so much crisp excellence and spectacular vocals from the dynamically charged American electronic vocalist Jaki Nelson, ZUSO thunders in with a superb single which shall heal lonely spirits into believing in love again.

Take Me (feat. Jaki Nelson) from Sydney, Australia-based indie music producer/DJ ZUSO is an ear-tingling new release to be enthralled by. Packed with pure energy and so much sensual heart-hugging romance, this is a special release from an artist at the top of his game.

This is the type of song to put on repeat all night, when two souls need each other right now.

Listen up to this new single on SoundCloud. View more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

GrainyPastel – Ovrdone: Kaleidoscopically Euphoric EDM

The Oklahoma-hailing independent music producer, GrainyPastel, siphoned euphoria through his latest entrancing EDM earworm, Ovrdone. The jazzed-up hip-house instrumental hit flexes its polyphonic charm as the snares meet the synths to spill a kaleidoscope of polished colour that will brighten any mood in just one hit.

His ambition and drive to spread the love through his high vibe productions sonically shines through in the transcendently electric feat of electronica, which refuses to colour inside the lines of an electronic sub-genre. You’d be incredibly hard-pressed to find another electronica producer with a more vibrant sonic signature. When he’s not crafting floor-fillers and dopamine-spillers, he is often found dabbling in other genres, from cinematic scores to jazz ensembles to pop hits.

Ovrdone was officially released on December 2nd; it is now available to stream on YouTube.

Stay up to date with all the latest releases from GrainyPastel by following him on Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Goshok captured the euphoria in affectionate obsession in his EDM hit, On My Mind

Capturing the euphoria in the moment where affection turns to obsession, the independent Czech songwriter, DJ and producer Goshok let the evocative floodgates open in his entrancing EDM mix, On My Mind.

Never one to pigeonhole himself under the EDM umbrella, the Dance music producer gives himself free rein to experiment and amalgamate elements from other subgenres, and that more than shows in the naturally powerful progressions in On My Mind.

The arrestingly ardent single pulls you safely through the heart-in-mouth drops and the tension-fraught build-ups that leave you in galvanised anticipation for the stylishly produced beat to drop. If you want to hear an artist at the top of their game, hit play.

On My Mind was officially released on December 9th. Check it out on Spotify and SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Right Away: cadeu drops illuminating new electronic wave on don’t ask again (feat. Janaé E)

Sizzling our noses and causing many hearts to beat slightly quicker than normal, cadeu shall stimulate even the sleepiest minds on the thunderbolt of electricity we all need to hear on don’t ask again (feat. Janaé E).

cadeu is a German-based indie electronic artist and music producer who summons the creative forces within to launch a catapult-like avalanche of intent on each soundtrack for the masses.

Untruth can reveal itself on a scale of different volumes. On one end of it, there’s brazen lies that hurt and cause damage by the sheer fact of their existence. On the other end, there are lies that aim to make feel better, by surrounding with the protection of not knowing.” ~ cadeu

Rising through the cloudy skies and drizzling only superb spirit and imagination, cadeu has found the sweet spot of our ravenous palates and has made something rather memorable indeed.

don’t ask again (feat. Janaé E) from German-based indie electronic artist and music producer cadeu is a potent track which will surely trigger splendid memories for many hungry souls. Deep in heart and packed with dance floor energy, this is an energetic experience to slide the feet of millions who want to be free again.

Hear more on Spotify. See more on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

A Beautiful Glitch on the Radar of SoCal

Imagine you’ve got the innovation of Richard James (Aphex Twin) mixed with the Latin American flavor of Ozomatli and you’ve got a little bit of an idea for the sound of Teratoma Girls. A duo from Southern California and alumni of UCSD, Erin Jimenez and Nia Camacho respectively; they bring a mix of Mexican styles to EDM in a way that is gritty, at times noisey, but always energetic.

Their track “Permaculture20K” is largely remixes of other artists but done in a kind-of-collage-meets-mixed-media way. It begins with the standard fiesta announcer, the sort of thing you’d hear in a family-owned Mexican restaurant which caters to Mexican clientele, before moving into a grimy, stylish/stuttering glitch-fest (or maybe I should say “glitch fiesta”). It’s just great, the way these two beat juggle between drawn out triplet figures, static replacing snare sounds, and of course the migration of one track to another. “Permaculture20K” clocks in at about 50 minutes, so it’s ideal for a house party-ready track.

Sadly, Teratoma Girls’ Instagram is scant, currently only featuring the album cover for the aforementioned track. I’m sure most of the readers would love to get an idea of how these creative young ladies look, but as someone who has built a business from the ground up, I know very well how long the “to-do” list gets for media and advertising.

Flamenco & Electro Amalgamate in Kuma Pop’s Progressive Production, Por Dentro ft Jey Varez

Kuma Pop

Stellar songwriter and producer Kuma Pop teamed up with the Andalusian artist Jey Varez, who layered his exotically inviting flamenco vocals into the soul-heavy feat of electro house, Por Dentro.

His vulnerably sincere vocal notes open the progressive track, which evolves from a shimmering feat of downtempo house into a playful synth-pop mix before ramping up the energy to reveal a bass-drenched drop-filled anthem, orchestrated to make you lose your head and find your heart on the dancefloor.

Every beat was succinctly placed to make Por Dentro (which translates to ‘Inside’ in English) an evocative rollercoaster that lovers of progressive anthems will never tire of riding. It’s as imploring as it is clever; we hope to hear more collaborative chemistry from the dynamic duo.

Por Dentro will officially release on December 2nd; check it out on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast