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Somewhere Far Away: Ivy Eye are simply excellent on nostalgic 2nd single ‘Make My Way Out’ (To The Sun)

With their dark sunglasses hidden slyly under their stylish space helmets with a ciggie or three waiting to be lit when they reach the optimum height up above, Ivy Eye skillfully shatter all preconceived ideas on how modern music should sound on their follow up to the massive worldwide debut hit ‘Peace of Mind‘, as they bring us more joyous euphoria to salivate over on ‘Make My Way Out(To The Sun).

Ivy Eye is a UK-based music production duo who somehow take a futuristic torch and shine in dynamic disco, fresh funk and uncontaminated pop pureness, to heal our broken hearts one song at a time.

The infectious track explores elements from the House and Nu-Disco genres all whilst keeping the duo’s classic Disco/Funk influences as the driving force. Moving into more sonically lush territory,” ~ Ivy Eye

There is so much to love here as the story of wanting to escape this evil planet rings home true, as you pick up the phone and say yes to the offer of joining them on this exciting journey to a new place. A better place. Somewhere safe and kind, with heart-healing music leading us to the peaceful finish line, where you can lather joyously in treasures that fill more than your easy-to-break pockets.

Make My Way Out(To The Sun) from the well-received UK music producers Ivy Eye, is a sensational performance that is filled with happy droplets of scintillating vibrations to keep you coming back for more. They prove that funky music with soul will always have a place in our welcoming smiles no matter what other fads are doing the rounds, as this is just pure unadulterated brilliance all the way though. Music with a bounce like this, is always welcome on life’s ever-evolving jumping castle.

Hear this groovy wonder in the sky above on Spotify and find them hanging out in the coolest spots via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Dreaming About You: DJ Kake and Bella Bradley are at their carefree best on ‘Losing Sleep’

Spiritually guided by that beautiful cosmic energy and that rare intuition you are either born with or not, DJ Kake and Bella Bradley thrillingly take us on a stunning journey about dreamy moments you want to have with someone special who makes your happy heart beat faster on ‘Losing Sleep’.

DJ Kake is a superb twenty-three years young music producer, Jungle Nightclub resident, and DJ from Lithuania, who is now based in the UK. She is joined on this fantastic soul-healing new single by the wonderful Bella Bradley, who is a West Sussex, UK-based indie blues-pop singer-songwriter.

On a sizzling beat which has you in awe of the romantic vibe as it smoothly takes you on a soul-elevated ride – the luscious vocals have you floating peacefully to a cozy cute place – which has you thinking about that lucky human you care for so intently.

You will have the urge to dance with that ultimate flow simmering from your toasty speakers here – as this is an elite summer track to be enthralled by – with so much world class energy to lap up thirstily.

Losing Sleep‘ from the electrifying Lithuanian music producer DJ Kake and soulful West Sussex-based indie singer-songwriter Bella Bradley, is that I-can-feel-it-in-my-bones type of experience that has you feeling free again. The world has become an even more confusing place than it was before, however there is still hope when you keep things simple.

Being with that special soul who has your heart beating extra fast and staying up for hours dreaming of, is a really rare feeling that needs to be treasured forever.

Hear this quality single on Spotify and see more on DJ Kake’s IG and Bella’s IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

That Puerto Rico Flavor: Farruco feat. Soundkraft and K Perez bring the party on ‘Pepas’ (San Juan Bass Remix)

Soundkraft and K Perez skillfully get our hungry bodies moving swiftly into enthusiastic action on the funky fusions and energizing rhythm they intended on ‘Pepas(San Juan Bass Remix), which was originally made by Farruco.

Puerto Rico-based tech house/pop music producer Carlos J. Morales aka Soundkraft (better known in the urban music scene as Hebreo) and fellow Puerto Rico artist and fellow producer K Perez, are usually reggaetón artists who are trying something new with a genre-bending tech house music tasty mixture textured with pulsating San Juan bass.

With a strong background in music production & composing, Hebreo has made his way into the world of urban music. His work with Puerto Rican artists like Ozuna celebrated rapper Hector El Father & Yomo — has garnered the industry’s attention, with Carlos’s multi-faceted talents being instrumental in producing chart-topping hits. Recently, he has teamed up with another celebrated Puerto Rican musician and producer, K Perez, to create a new genre of music they’re dubbing “San Juan Bass.” ~ Soundkraft and K Perez

You sense that these two good friends are on a mission to get their new sound on the world map, at they stomp down and get our whole soul connected into their vibe. There is a fresh feel here and it tastes so scrumptiously intoxicating in your lip-licking mouth, as you close your eyes and imagine dancing to this with thousands of excited revelers right next to you.

Pepas(San Juan Bass Remix) from Farruco featuring Soundkraft and K Perez, is that bass-thumping summer jam to heat up the dance floor. These two skilled artists put on a real show, as they bring a fantastically exciting new sound which rips into your speakers. This a real gem to get your body back into motion again, with a scintillating beach-beat to get your heart beating properly.

They urge us to form at the disco and that is exactly what we shall do.

Stream this new party track on YouTube and see the moves on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Higher Place: EDM producer Tangry takes us into the party ‘Zone’

With a fresh sound and an energetic burst of energy to transfix our minds away from current times, Tangry skillfully takes us into his exciting new world with the high-octane new EDM single named ‘Zone‘.

Tangry is a new and mysterious underground EDM producer. He likes to make that striking thunderbolt-to-your-body music that has you feeling a shock-wave of euphoria-packed kind of emotion, flowing stunningly into your hungry veins.

You feel like your starved body is in another planet entirely, as you follow the lead and enrapture yourself into the silky beat which feels like is kindly wrapping your body, into a warm lathering of incredible feelings you have locked away for too long. His easy-to-see skill on the controls is beyond brilliant – as he swiftly takes us a for a party-soaked ride – that has you feeling reinvigorated again.

Zone‘ from the underground music producer Tangry, is an EDM thunderbolt of emotions that swirls into that ravenous mind and take you places you definitely forget existed. The vibe is high paced here and this thunderous track has you thinking many things, including how you wish those massive festivals were open again. That all-empowering freedom on the dance floor with the sweaty buzz from the crowd around you, can’t be replicated anywhere else.

Hear this new single on YouTube and see his movements on the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Money I’m So Hungry: Simulated Youth show us into the inglorious greed of the materialistic world with ‘Money in My Tummy’ (feat. Rielle)

Feeling like this is his best song yet and with a vital message that is so strikingly true, Simulated Youth remind us that being greedy doesn’t help anyone to be truly happy inside that glowing soul on ‘Money in My Tummy(feat. Rielle).

Created by Zach, Simulated Youth is a dark trance act who is based in both Detroit, Michigan, and also Phoenix, Arizona. Bringing onboard New York-based singer Rielle has proved a real masterstroke, as her gorgeous vocals swirl brilliantly on this electric new single.

This dark dance track is about greed and wealth obsession around the world.” ~ Simulated Youth

Made with a pure dance sound and avoiding any messy extras, this is a powerfully performed effort that seems to glide quickly into your mind. This is the story of urging so many to open up their wallets and to not let greed override their consciousness, as the world needs all the help it can get.

I plan to expand “EDM” with a darker and more visceral aesthetic than what is so common, nearly cookie-cutter these days.” ~ Simulated Youth

Money in My Tummy’ (feat. Rielle) from the dual Detroit and Phoenix-based dark electronic artist Simulated Youth, is a quick-fire reminder – with a thunderous beat added in just in case we were snoozing – that this blood-soaked planet needs help and that by being overly materialistic, you are a big part of the problem.

With striking vocals that sizzles real hot into your burning speakers, this is a heart-stopping track that will have your ears shaking from this important message.

Hear this new track on Spotify and see what he gets up to next on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

True Peace: RandyRan has us all feeling relaxed and in that happy ‘Dreaming’ state of mind

Released as the first single off his soul-calming brand new ten-track ‘Melodic Euphoria: The Lo-Fi Trip‘ album, RandyRan has our thoughtful minds sharply alive with thrilling ideas of conquering all our worries away into the awaiting distance with ‘Dreaming‘.

RandyRan is a more-than-handy lo-fi hip-hop/jazz music producer who returns to our awakened consciousness after his wonderfully electric seven-track ear-warmer called ‘808-Bit State of Mind: Level 1‘ from earlier on in 2021.

A music producer that’s inspired by ambient and nostalgic sounds. Sound is focused on primarily bringing joy, calm, or the best out of who’s listening.” ~ RandyRan

With the gentle sounds of delicious water gushing from the tranquil speakers inside the deepest part of your sensationalized soul, this is a true classic of beautiful sounds for the ages. The jazzy/hip-hop beat suddenly gets a bit darker, after first having us feeling in a daze-infused calm, when then all returns to normal brilliance again. This is perhaps a warning that life can’t always be so peaceful. as much as you want it to be.

Music to study, chill, work, sleep, or just have in the background.” ~ RandyRan

Dreaming‘ from the top shelf lo-fi/hip-hop/jazz music producer RandyRan, is a birds-chirping kind of effort which brings so much stillness to your mind, after being over-stimulated for too long. The middle sections turns us back to the true life again, as this is a story of life in one song.

We can all find that peaceful place – but it will be a road filled with potholes that need to be navigated skillfully – so that true inner calm may be finally obtained.

Hear this extremely captivating single on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

If You Want Me To: Manchester producer Feizor wonders what happened on the stunning new track ‘So Many Times’

Taken off his recent strong release named ‘Year of the Bull‘, Feizor drops the sumptuous new single all about wondering if the person you love, actually feels the same spark as you do on ‘So Many Times‘.

Feizor is a sizzling chill-pop electronica project by the Manchester, England-based producer Dallo. He is a world class music artist who makes the type of household jams for the ages, that has you feeling so much better inside each part of your excited body.

Having gained critical acclaim as a member of Black Marks with their debut album ‘All But Defeated’, The producer has struck out on his own to mix the downtempo elements of that project with the electronica he is more widely known for under his Dallo moniker.” ~ Feizor

Her delightful vocals seems to effortlessly simmer just right into your enthralled consciousness, as you peacefully float inside these beautiful lyrics – that is matched with an absolutely quality soundtrack, which has you in a captivated state of curiosity.

So Many Times‘ from the highly skilled chill-pop electronica and Manchester, England-based music producer Feizor, is a loving track which is a real ear-perk that makes you rather delighted inside. On a terrific beat with succulent vocals, this is a real gem of a release.

Sometimes you just need to know, so that you may feel free inside your enlightened soul.

Hear this fiery new single on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

I’m Invisible: LA dark-electronic/rock act Light Shadows emerge from the spooky night on ‘People Don’t Believe’ (Light Shadows shadow mix)

People Don’t Believe (Light Shadows shadow mix) by Light Shadows

Lathering up our fragile thoughts with their specially brewed goth sauce that sizzles your hungry tongue with a tinge of extra heat that might burn a tad, Light Shadows saunter in from the darkness to awaken our sleepy souls on ‘People Don’t Believe’ (Light Shadows shadow mix).

Light Shadows is a thrilling Los Angeles, California-based dark-electronic/rock duo who are Cassandra Vincent and Philip Peters. They make a blend of intriguing soundscapes that has you looking around so anxiously, as you feel lifted by their pulsating performance.

The band leans Gothic with some lighter moments reflecting their name.” ~ Light Shadows

Her vibrant vocals flow through from the creepy shadows and has you opening your eyes much wider than before, as you are wrapped into the terrific production, which takes you to a higher place into your over-stimulated mind.

They write their own music and are genre fluid but you could find them under the electro-rock/electro-pop portion of the Alternative rock banner.” ~ Light Shadows

People Don’t Believe’ (Light Shadows shadow mix) from the mysterious Los Angeles, California-based dark-electronic/rock duo Light Shadows, is a mirror-filled single that has you urging to believe in yourself again. Despite what others may say, you are enough and need to believe in what you stand for.

On a spooky beat and sung with so much passion – this is a stunning single which will have you thinking introspectively – on how you can build your own armor stronger than before.

Hear this new moody single on Bandcamp and see more on their IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Lux Kiddo has released his harsh electronic hit, Robot Curmudgeon 

With percussive inspiration from the likes of Aphex Twin and Squarepusher, Lux Kiddo’s latest harsh electronica mix, Robot Curmudgeon, flows with an ensnaring tempo and an even more magnetic pull through the progressive influence of Infected Mushroom.

The Brooklyn-born, Phoenix-based experimental artist has worked as a sound tech and musician since the relocation from his home town; in 2020, he dropped his debut album Cityscapes. Now that dancefloors are back open, we’re sure they will be eager to hear more of his uniquely explorative style that uses familiar industrial/EBM elements with refreshing melodic flair.

Robot Curmudgeon was released on August 5th; you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to SoundCloud. 

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Make It Happen: Mined Music urges us to keep that mind fresh on ‘Waterfalls’ (Stickybuds Remix)

After giving us a much-needed flow-watered lesson in going after your goals and avoiding being stuck in that quick-sand past which can suck you into dark places of no return on the first version of ‘Waterfall‘, Mined Music is back with the freshly added sprinkle of extra inspirational droplets with amazement-filled beats on ‘Waterfalls (Stickybuds Remix).

Michael Newell aka Mined Music is a world class trip-hop/ambient/electronica producer and DJ who is based in Munich, Germany. He has been joined on this spine-tingling new single by the well-known Western Canada-based music producer Stickybuds.

Together, they put on quite a show and this is a highly memorable track which will easily get you off your couch, and on your feet to reach your dreams. This is that dust-off what happened before moment, as you get your boots on and get to work.

Renowned for his skills on both the turntables and in the studio, Stickybuds has become one of Western Canada’s finest exports, performing live in over 25 countries and growing. His ever impressive list of touring accolades includes acclaimed venues and festivals such as Burning Man, Shambhala, Envision, “We Love Space” Ibiza, Boomtown, and Glastonbury Festival.” ~ Stickybuds

Waterfalls(Stickybuds Remix) from the mightily skilled Munich, Germany-based Mined Music, rattles into your soul like a vision that has you feeling stronger again, as you let it all go. Letting things flow naturally is the only way to be truly happy anyway. On a thumping beat with so much fire and a breathtaking energy, this is a real foot stompin’ gem that needs to be played loud and proud, to get the full cleansing process as you reclaim your destiny.

Hear this groovy self-doubt washer on Soundcloud and check out his IG for more.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen