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Jacki Jones – Just See Me: Plaintively Poignant Pop

The up-and-coming Liverpool-hailing singer-songwriter Jacki Jones has unveiled the plaintively poignant alternative version of one of her seminal indie alt-pop singles, Just See Me.

The minimalist instrumentation beneath her melancholically poetic verses makes the intimate introspective pleas for recognition all the more magnetically compelling as the single artfully unfolds to her raw candour.

With the gentle new wave indie guitar chords punctuating her vulnerable vocal lines, which work around the compelling reprise of “just see me”, your soul would need to be paralysed not to stir under the evocative force of Just See Me.

Stream the alternative version of Just See Me on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Mark Docherty rode the crux between new-wave and no-wave in ‘Reckless Abandon

Liverpool’s Mark Docherty created a brand-new wave somewhere between new-wave and no-wave in his latest defiantly distinctive single, Reckless Abandon, which is set for official release on June 3rd.

By bringing distortion-heavy buzzsaw riffs into the post-punk arena, the innovator, who will undoubtedly become renowned for the dualistic tendencies in his vocal performance, succeeded where very few artists of this era do; by drenching the airwaves in originality. From Nick Cave-ESQUE croons to raw rock magnetism, it all lingers in Docherty’s vocal arsenal.

Fans of Pixies and Depeche Mode alike will want to clamour all over Reckless Abandon, which is a sonic depiction of just what it says on the uninhibited tin.

Stream Reckless Abandon from the date of release via SoundCloud, and stay tuned for the debut LP, which is set to drop on June 16.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Holy Joe has made an eponymous indie debut and enriched Liverpool’s cultural tapestry once again after his THE DECEMBERISTS legacy.

After taking what was left of the city of Liverpool by storm after the Beatles tore through the cultural fabric of it in the 80s outfit, THE DECEMBERISTS (no, not the American band who coincidently go by the same moniker), the guitarist founded his new project, Holy Joe, to prove he still has what it takes to make an audience shake, rattle, and roll to the sound of his ingenuity.

In the wake of working fret magic in several revered indie bands, the integral part of the UK indie landscape has stepped to the centre of the stage and established himself as a stellar singer-songwriter in his own right with his self-titled single. The rambunctious record has all the making of a perfect indie-pop release and plenty more in its arsenal.

With the quintessentially affable air of Half-Man Half-Biscuit fused with melodies that will grip the nostalgia-loving senses of the La’s and the Seahorses fans, the single is rhythmic raconteurial earworm which leaves enough room in the indie tapestry for a nuanced Americana folk twang.

Stream the self-titled debut single on SoundCloud now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Liverpool’s most Machiavellian post-punk jazz outfit, Laz Berelow, did Friedrich Nietzsche proud in God is Dead

Dives by Laz Berelow

Laz Berelow’s latest single may decree that God is Dead, but Glenn Branca lives and breathes through the histrionically cold feat of post-punk capable of giving your speakers frostbite.

The complex time signatures of the guitars with the obscure jazz nuances and polyphonic chaos is a pairing that ensures God is Dead is a sonic deliverance of comfort to the disturbed. If you’re pious to the Machiavellian experimentalism of Mike Patton, you’re sure to get your kicks from God is Dead. Friedrich Nietzsche would be proud.

When GetIntoThis were tastemakers on the scene before Peter Guy shamed himself during my tenure as an editor, Laz Berelow was dubbed one of the best acts of 2020; they easily lived up to that accolade with God is Dead.

Stream and purchase God is Dead via Bandcamp.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Garnetts released the ultimate summer indie-pop staple with their latest hit single, Jealous

The Garnetts have exactly what it takes to follow in the alt-indie footsteps of their Liverpudlian counterparts, Red Rum Club, as they melodically stride towards success with their nostalgically sepia-tinged latest single, Jealous, which is due for official release on June 2nd.

With the angularly funky staccato guitar chops, crooned guitar lines, and definitively 80s atmosphere in the sentimentally sweet single, you will be immersed in the bitter-sweet narrative of romantic possession from the first infectiously carved chorus.

Any fans of The Maccabees, Foals and Mystery Jets will be instantly enamoured by the bubblegum propensity of this emotionally monolithic hit single that could easily become a staple part of your summer indie pop playlists.

Stream Jealous via SounCloud from June 2nd.

Follow The Garnetts on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait: Esme Bridie drops catchy new single Mad About It

Taken as the lead track from her brand new 5-track Something In Your Teeth EP release, Esme Bridie is rather spirited and tells it like it is on her fine new single to get excited inside, Mad About It.

Esme Bridie is a Liverpool, UK-based indie singer-songwriter/multi-instrumentalist who performs with genuine heart on each of her well-loved singles.

On the outside she may look like your average sweet girl, but Esme is a self professed angry girl and this comes through in her newest songs.” ~ Esme Bridie

Lathered in with so much affectionate Wirral-fused energy, Esme Bridie is absolutely mesmerizing in a superb experience which will soothe your soul and perk up our enchanted earlobes.

Mad About It from Liverpool, UK-based indie singer-songwriter Esme Bridie, is a terrific single which will take your breath away for a few seconds. She sings with such a fluid technique that might cause a few veins to shiver slightly, taking us on a wonderful journey your speakers will be thankful for.

Performed with so much precise timing and wrapped in love, this is a quality track to truly enhance our moods.

Hear this new single on Spotify and see more via IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Clap Your Hands: Ross Martin (Just Music) brings us the funky fresh vibes to dance with on Just For Fun

Dropping that splendid beat boxing that is stylishly submerged into his loops that takes the atmosphere up a notch, Ross Martin (Just Music) shows us inside that simple symphony on his fine new release, Just For Fun.

Ross Martin is a Liverpool, UK-based indie alternative rock singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who also integrates in reggae, pop, folk and funk.

After years of playing in bands and busking on the streets of Liverpool and London, this solo project was created pre-pandemic, to an online audience gathering over 1.5 million likes on Periscope.” ~ Ross Martin

Sending our hearts into a better place with an outstanding track that has so much fresh rhythm, Ross Martin returns with a thrilling song which takes your soul to soaring heights. There are so many layers here to be impressed by, which shall brush off any worries that were previously wrapped into our precious souls.

Just For Fun from Liverpool, UK-based indie alternative artist and looper Ross Martin is a relevant release that sooths our tired souls with his RC-505 loop-station and bags of charm. Supplying our ears with something rather brightly tuned and featuring an original soundtrack to get our fingers clicking all night long, this is a track to turn up rather loud.

When you make music for the love, it will hardly ever feel like a job.

Turn up this catchy gem on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Same Mistake: Mike Blue and The Ghosts of Santa Monica drop visuals for Paper House

After causing our hearts to flutter on the excellent video from April 2022 called Battles We Have Won, Mike Blue and The Ghosts of Santa Monica return with a special effort to play for hours on the 2nd release of the year called Paper House.

Mike Blue and The Ghosts of Santa Monica is a Liverpool, UK-based indie folk singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who is once again joined by The Ghosts of Santa Monica.

He is currently embarking on his next full-length studio album with the help of his backing and touring band ‘The Ghosts of Santa Monica” which should be completed in early 2023.” ~ Mike Blue

We find another quality single that shall only enrich your soul, while reminding you that the best musicians are the ones who don’t seek fame, only respect from the true fans. Mike Blue is that understated underground legend you have probably walked past before, as he prefers to let his world class music do the talking.

Paper House from Liverpool, UK-based indie folk singer-songwriter Mike Blue and The Ghosts of Santa Monica is the type of song that will make you think about those mistakes that can cause everything to burn down, even if you wanted the opposite.

Performed with outstanding verve and purpose that will fill the room with magnificent energy, to make everything better again.

Listen up to this top effort on YouTube and see more vibes on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Late At Night: Mouth Rüber hears those disturbing teeth grinding on Devil On My Shoulder

Knowing that this devilish creature won’t win this time, Mouth Rüber inspires us all to ignore the noise and do what makes the smile widen despite nagging doubts that need to be extinguished on Devil On My Shoulder.

Mouth Rüber is a 26-year-old Liverpool, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter who was born in the beautiful city of Budapest, Hungary.

Even though my songs can be easily labelled as mainstream they all have a bit of my personality in them which make them distinctive amongst the sea of commercial songs out there most of them sounding like one another.” ~ Mouth Rüber taking us deep into the vision inside her music

With a genuine message that shows us the strength required to walk away from a spirit who doesn’t have your best interests at heart, Mouth Rüber projects her voice so beautifully to the clear blue sky above that has been waiting for her to release music. Catchy beyond belief and bringing us a sensational song to embrace with love, Mouth Rüber shows us we are all in our own minds if we aren’t able to block out all the meaningless distractions.

Devil On My Shoulder from UK-based indie pop artist Mouth Rüber is a hauntingly truthful single about taking charge of your life when you have been dealing with forces who don’t want you to achieve anything, even if you are good enough. Sung with a pulsating intensity and vibrant vocals that might cause you to listen twice, this is a reminder that we are all in charge of our destiny.

When you’re ready to break free, the keys are right in front of you to reach for the stars.

Listen up loud on Spotify and see more on the IG music page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Make Me Sorry: Liverpool’s Paul Askew drops delightful 5th single with the romantic gem Connie

Dreaming fondly about holding her tightly in a warm embrace, Paul Askew dedicates his life to a wonderful soul who he cherishes rather sweetly on Connie.

Paul Askew is a 22-year-old Liverpool, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter and music producer who loves to make his creations from the comfort of his cosy bedroom.

I’m really proud of not just how the tracks turned out in the end after mastering, but of writing them also. I think they’re really well rounded and concise. I’m also chuffed with the release essentially being my first concept release too, it’s sort of like examining the two sides of how a relationship can pan out. I didn’t realize this until after it was out as well.” – Paul Askew chatting about his new releases

Known best as the frontman for his now disbanded outfit, The Callers, the now-solo Paul Askew has the kind of vocal freshness that will get you feeling like tomorrow is going to be a better day. Declaring his love with such a magnetically natural structure that is hugely uplifting, this is the perfect single to play loud when you need a boost-me-up.

Connie from Liverpool, UK-based indie pop singer-songwriter and music producer Paul Askew is a sweet single all about knowing that the love is there if the feeling is reciprocated. Sung with an exuberant tone that will get you feeling like everything is going to be okay, in an inhospitable world that seems so loveless at times.

When you feel the true love deep in your bones, it’s best to express them before the feeling goes away into the wind forever.

Listen up on Spotify and see more news on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen