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Chicken Man and the Bad Eggs attack the gentrified in their scuzzy new wave punk hit, Indian Pale Fale.

Merseyside’s new wave punk outfit Chicken Man and the Bad Eggs is set to release their most frenetic single to date, Indian Pale Fale, which delivers a ferocious attack on gentrification and the gentrified.

With the same high-octane sonic force as Oh Sees and Cabbage, serious virtuosic stripes in the scuzzy over-driven guitars, and the infectiously antagonistic vocals, the 5-piece powerhouse’s signature sound pierces through the drudgery on the airwaves. They’ve already been accoladed by Huw Stephens, Dave Monks and John Kennedy from the BBC and ripped up plenty of stages in the Northwest with their blistering hot sound. Something tells us the accolades won’t stop there; they are the ultimate aural force to be reckoned with.

Their playful approach to lyricism is exactly what the music scene needs. It is beyond refreshing to hear a band giving punk fans the escapism they turn to music for.

Indian Pale Fale is due for release on August 13th; pre-save the single on Spotify.

Check out the band on Facebook and Instagram.

Review by Amelia Vandergast


UK artist Hennerz has made his urban indie-pop-punk debut with his infectious single, ‘2 Far Gone’.

After the first muted guitar chords in the standout track, 2 Far Gone, in the UK alt-hip hop artist Hennerz’ 3-track debut single, Omega, any emo hearts will quickly fasten.

The urban pop-punk hit manages to throwback to the glory days of pop-punk while exuding a contemporary indie pop-style cool with the gangly indie guitars that create plenty of anticipation for the massive choruses. Beyond the infectious sonic appeal of 2 Far Gone, Hennerz is an artist that you can’t help warming to. The true to voice vocals leaves out pretence and opts for passion instead.

2 Far Gone is now available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Amber Prothero shares the secrets to sass with her vibrant soul-pop track, ‘Confident’.

UK-based pop artist Amber Prothero always takes an emotionally multifaceted approach to her lyricism; the best introduction to her confessional lyrical style is her latest single, Confident.

It’s practically a 101 guide on how to exude as much confidence as you will hear in the vibrant pop hit. Prothero’s soulful RnB-tinged vocals will throw you back to the 90s era of pop. While lyrically, you can expect the same introspective grit as found in a track by Lily Allen, Kate Nash or Marina and the Diamonds. The single was created over Zoom in collaboration with the Parisian songwriter and musician Ny Aina Ramangasalama.

With her former releases, Prothero became a BBC Introducing playlist staple; we are sure that Confident will allow her to work her way onto even more A-lists.

Confident released on June 18th; it is now available to stream and download on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Min The Universe and Mina Grace want to show us ‘A Million Fireflies’

Thrumming, pulsing, rising and rolling electronic bass over electronic beats and rushing chords, all topped off with Nina Grace’s powerful vocal – that’s ‘A Million Fireflies’ by New York’s Min The Universe.

A true ‘citizen of the world’ Min (or should that be Mr. Universe?) has travelled from Shanghai to Liverpool to Boston to Atlanta, spending his formative years as a lead guitarist and keyboardist, rocking out in progressive metal bands before finding his love of electronic dance music in his early 20’s. There’s a mix of Calvin Harris and Deadmau5, Avicii and Eric Prydz, a trancy, progressive house style backbeat and swelling keyboard parts, Grace’s vocal carrying the track in between the ebb and flow of electronic verse and chorus.

It’s a top dance track, clubby and uptempo with some quality guest vocal work from Nina Grace.

You can listen to ‘A Million Fireflies’ on Spotify; Follow Min The Universe on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes

Biz-ARD invites you to get into ‘The Vibe’ with his dopamine-boosting alt-pop playlist staple.

If there is an up and coming pop artist worth paying attention to in 2021, it’s Liverpool-born high-vibe alchemist Biz-ARD. His latest single is a stylish funk-filled invitation to shake off the apathy and to ‘step in the vibe’. You’ll be putty in his hands before the first verse runs through.

With choppy guitars akin to the ones in Bowie’s Let’s Dance paired with Biz-ARD’s indie and post-punk tendencies, The Vibe is accessible from the first hit while still unravelling as a brand-new sonic experience. Mostly because you’ve never encountered an artist like Biz-ZARD before.

To truly appreciate The Vibe, you’ll need to check out the official video that documents Biz-ARD’s greenscreen-enabled globe-hopping and vibe sharing. It is available to view via YouTube.

The Vibe is also available to stream on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Tyron Freeman’s raucous, indie-tinged rock – ‘Keep It Hid, Locked Away’

Like so many musicians during the last year or so, Tyron Freeman – a veteran of bands as a professional musician in the North West UK – found that the world shifted and skewed sideways at the beginning of the pandemic. Suddenly stranded, jobless and isolated in a studio flat in Germany, what does a creative musician do but call in his mates and put together a killer rock n’ roll track?

‘Keep It Hid, Locked Away’ is raucous, indie-tinged rock – think Goo Goo Dolls, Bush, a little of Royal Blood, and some Beatles-y sing-song sections. There’s influences of Fontaines and Tame Impala, the White Stripes, and Oasis, too, along with old-school rock in Zeppelin, Bowie, and the Stooges. Recorded at Liverpool’s Parr Studios, Chris Taylor’s production brings elements of the Lightning Seeds, Blossoms, and The Coral into the mix, giving the overall single a perfect mix of classic rock groove and North-East England indie-pop catchiness. This might be early days for Tyron Freeman’s solo career, but on the basis of ‘Keep It Hid, Locked Away’ he really, really needs to avoid his own advice; this needs to be shouted from the rooftops instead.

‘Keep It Hid, Locked Away’ is out now; check out Tyron Freeman on Facebook.

Review by Alex Holmes

Missing you now: The Ruby Tears hope for the train to never stop on ‘Change Your Mind’

Running Steady EP by The Ruby Tears

Powering in with their lead track on the latest ‘Running Steady‘ EP, The Ruby Tears  do their best to try avoid looking at the sun of heartbreak on ‘Change Your Mind‘.

The Ruby Tears is a world class two-piece indie-rock duo created online during the strange times of languishing lockdown, between the legendary Manchester solo musician John Goodfellow and fellow all-star Liverpool guitarist/songwriter Jeff Skellon.

This incredibly pure collaboration have been hard at work with their 4th EP finished over a ten month time period, and their music only appears to be getting better and better, as their partnership blossoms into a must-hear operation.

This is the sad story of hoping that their partner changes the end-it decision for the best, as you don’t want this journey to end at all. They sing with such passion and meaning, whilst the guitarist matches the vocalists mood perfectly with ultimate precision.

Change Your Mind‘ from Manchester/Liverpool duo The Ruby Tears, is the tale of trying to make the moment last and never wanting it to end. Feeling right and loved during this time is absolutely necessary, as you hope that there is another way to stop going to the final station, of this exhilarating ride.

Stream this top track on Bandcamp and see more when gigs are back on FB.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Appreciating each other: Jonny Tarr’s ‘If I Didn’t Need You’ (ft. Licha) is a true love story to calm the mind

Taken off his latest 11-track album called ‘Tough Stuff‘, Jonny Tarr impresses with his wide range of incredible skills on ‘If I Didn’t Need You‘ (ft. Licha).

Jonny Tarr is a multi-talented Wales-born, Southern California-based singer-songwriter, Paul McCartney’s Liverpool Institute for the Performing Arts graduate, saxophone player and more. Here is a man that can loop sax, guitar, keyboard, flute, harmony, and beat-box tracks to fuse a song together like a true master.

A true musician, he can’t wait until covid is over so he can play with his band again and thrill audiences with his array of mind-blowing music experiences.

This is the story of how you so deeply appreciate her as you need her so much to provide support and by just being there, she has done more than most. When nobody else gave you a shot, she did and you care about her so much due to her sweet nature and authenticity. The kind and true genuine energy in this song between the two singers, is a touching reminder that love can be simple if you want it to be.

With vibrant vocals that are never over the top, this is a peaceful song full of hope and appreciation between two humans that just want things to be as they are and never change.

If I Didn’t Need You‘ (ft. Licha) from the supremely skilled music maestro Jonny Tarr is a magnitude of sounds and layers that consume your mind when you listen closely, and you know really early that this is truly special.

With a world that feels like it is breaking sometimes, this is a welcome reminder of true love that conquers all.

Stream this excellent new single on Spotify and see what he gets up to when gigs come back on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Hold me close: Liverpool’s Sahara Line take our hand on sweet love-story ‘Only You’

Back with their 3rd affectionate single to warm our chilly hearts, Sahara Line make us think about those loving moments you treasure forever on ‘Only You‘.

Sahara Line are a promising four-piece Liverpool, England-based indie-rock act, who stylishly fuse together that sound you have heard before, into their own personal experience, their variety sparkles into your awaiting ears and you feel like this is actually something fresh and exciting. The determination to be different is impressive, their enthralling sonic soundscape lifts you up from your chair and takes you into their soul-stirring world of delight.

This is the loving story of feeling so close with her, as you gaze affectionately into each others flirty eyes and wish that this moment would never end. You feel the warmth through the guitar-filled speakers, as the driving sound brightens up the song with turned-on fairy lights, your anxious emotions are transported to that happy place.

Only You‘ from lovable Liverpool indie rockers Sahara Line, is that sweetly curated love-story that tilts your view to remember the innocence again, away from the soul-sucking quick-swipe and forget-quicker world, that blunts what heart-warming moments you should be encountering face to face.

When you care about someone enough it feels like your whole world slows down like you are staring at the stars, at peace with where you are at, your mind still and intently feeling every heartbeat as your souls connect. That special moment that you will never forget, is one that you can’t ever replace and is completely priceless.

Hear this fresh new track on Spotify and see their journey on IG.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Original Power Trio from Liverpool: The Big Three change members but keep the incredible story alive on ‘Head Over Heels’

The Big Three are a well-known fiery Merseybeat group from the home of music, Liverpool. They are famous for their 1963 recording of ‘Some Other Guy’, for their kick-ass live performances at The Cavern and for being closely linked to The Beatles. This is the story of the band that have evolved to be reborn again.

After being busy on Cilla The Musical as the house band and featuring on the incredible ‘Some Other Guys’ movie about the original line-ups storied career and ups and downs, through the maze of the often magical but flaky music business; The Big Three are one of the all-time great bands as they have changed members over the years and are now back with a fresh new look; that respects the past and looks to the future.

‘’ In 2017 Bill Kenwright released and toured the sell-out musical Cilla The Musical; The Big Three (played by Jay Osborne, Chris Weeks and Tom Dunlea) appeared in the show and doubled as the show band. Following the tour the three players were ‘handed down the baton’ to become the next generation of The Big Three by original members Brian Griffiths and the late Johnny Hutchinson.’’- Wikipedia

Head Over Heels’ is a superb listen with the classic style intact and also has a new twist to the sound. The vocals are so silky smooth cool; the band has that special rhythm that is a pleasure on our tired ears, weary after hearing so much watered down music that suffocates the radio airwaves these days. This is an ode to the past and has such a soul-filled meal of music; you will need a cold beverage to soak it all into your stomach.

Happy days await as this is a track to turn up and to call the whole family over so you can dance all night. Everyone is head over heels for this and you feel the special touch here. The legend lives on in safe hands.

Hear the new song on Soundcloud, see more on Facebook and find out more about this band via the incredibly real ‘Some Other Guy’ movie on Vimeo.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen