Clap Your Hands: Ross Martin (Just Music) brings us the funky fresh vibes to dance with on Just For Fun

Dropping that splendid beat boxing that is stylishly submerged into his loops that takes the atmosphere up a notch, Ross Martin (Just Music) shows us inside that simple symphony on his fine new release, Just For Fun.

Ross Martin is a Liverpool, UK-based indie alternative rock singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist who also integrates in reggae, pop, folk and funk.

After years of playing in bands and busking on the streets of Liverpool and London, this solo project was created pre-pandemic, to an online audience gathering over 1.5 million likes on Periscope.” ~ Ross Martin

Sending our hearts into a better place with an outstanding track that has so much fresh rhythm, Ross Martin returns with a thrilling song which takes your soul to soaring heights. There are so many layers here to be impressed by, which shall brush off any worries that were previously wrapped into our precious souls.

Just For Fun from Liverpool, UK-based indie alternative artist and looper Ross Martin is a relevant release that sooths our tired souls with his RC-505 loop-station and bags of charm. Supplying our ears with something rather brightly tuned and featuring an original soundtrack to get our fingers clicking all night long, this is a track to turn up rather loud.

When you make music for the love, it will hardly ever feel like a job.

Turn up this catchy gem on Spotify and see more on the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

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