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Malcolm Duff & Maristela Da Silva shared a message of hope and connection in ‘People’

The latest folk sonnet, People, from the singer-songwriter duo, Malcolm Duff & Maristela Da Silva, is a sombrely enlightening lesson in universal compassion.

Stepping out into the fray of the world, it is hard to contemplate the lives led by everyone you encounter. But in the intimacy of this timeless piano ballad which finds itself between the repertoires of Cohen, Waits and Nick Cave – on a sentimental day – the beauty in the shared experience of sentience shines through the delicate piano notes that spill arcane resonance beneath Malcolm Duff’s contemplatively honeyed vocal lines, which compel you into mindfulness.

People also resonates as a message of hope, conveyed to everyone who feels alone, regardless of how many people surround them. As The Legendary Pink Dots once said, it’s a loveless world, so what’s the point in looking? The point lies in the soul of this profoundly succinct release.

Stream People, which debuted on March 15, on SoundCloud.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Changing Times: Sun-Pinned Leaves sees the smoke in the rainfall on City’s Got Soul

Seconding the emotions on offer from a special human, Sun-Pinned Leaves lights up the happiest way possible on the delightfully honest song to vibe with on any day of the week on City’s Got Soul.

Sun-Pinned Leaves is an award-winning Deal, England-based indie folk/Americana duo who return after blessing our souls with the terrific single from 2022, Summer Of Love.

Guiding us back to 1975 and powering in with something rather memorable, Sun-Pinned Leaves have the kind of vibe which many will find truly fascinating. Showing us the experience and thousands (or more) hours of practice, we find a single which belongs in any era.

Sun-Pinned Leaves are a popular live act with most recent gigs including Dublin Castle, London and Sandwich Folk & Ale Festival, Kent.” ~ Sun-Pinned Leaves

City’s Got Soul from Deal, England-based indie folk/Americana 2-piece band Sun-Pinned Leaves is another bonafide gem when we all needed it most. This is a superbly delivered single which shall ease all pain away, to show us what excellent music sounds like in 2023.

When you feel the vibration of your local city, everything changes forever.

Spark up the passion again on SoundCloud.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Eli Waltz: A Folk Tune’s Breakthrough

Eli Waltz, a talented folk singer-songwriter, has graced us with his latest composition, “Writer’s Block.” This introspective ballad is a heartfelt exploration of creative struggles, inviting listeners into a world of vulnerability and artistic self-reflection. With his signature blend of poetic lyricism and soul-stirring melodies, Waltz captivates us from the very first note.

“Writer’s Block” unfolds like a gentle breeze on a summer evening, carrying with it a profound sense of introspection and raw emotions. Eli Waltz’s honeyed vocals weave seamlessly with his skilful acoustic guitar strumming, creating an atmosphere that feels both intimate and inviting. The song’s stripped-down arrangement allows Waltz’s lyrics to take centre stage, and they do not disappoint.

Lyrically, “Writer’s Block” delves deep into the universal struggle faced by artists, capturing the essence of grappling with creative stagnation. Waltz’s introspective lines paint vivid images of frustration and self-doubt, evoking a sense of empathy that resonates with anyone who has experienced the daunting silence of inspiration.

The song’s melody is beautifully crafted, with each note carefully chosen to enhance the emotional impact of the lyrics. From the haunting harmonies to the delicate guitar picking, every element intertwines flawlessly, creating a captivating sonic experience.

Eli Waltz’s social media presence reflects his commitment to connecting with his audience. His website serves as a comprehensive hub for his music, while his Instagram and Facebook pages offer glimpses into his creative process and upcoming projects. On TikTok, Waltz shares snippets of his musical journey, inviting fans to witness his artistic evolution.

In conclusion, “Writer’s Block” showcases Eli Waltz’s talent as a singer-songwriter and his ability to craft deeply personal narratives through his music. With its introspective lyrics, soulful melodies, and Waltz’s captivating vocals, this folk ballad is a must-listen for anyone seeking an emotional and introspective musical experience. Waltz’s unwavering dedication to his craft is evident, and we eagerly await his future endeavours.

Lucas Pasley put his audience in the saddle of injustice in the roots release, Icelandic Horses

The authentic but by no means archaic Americana luminary Lucas Pasley twanged plenty of timeless soul onto the airwaves with the release of his third album, Ponies Back Home. The serenely composed release, which carries all the Grammy-nominated allure of Bonny Light Horseman’s debut LP, starts with the standout single, Icelandic Ponies. 

With melodies that sway in the breeze of his songwriting which pays homage to his Appalachian Mountains roots and a voice so soothing it could placate a rabid raccoon, there’s no overstating the arresting allure of Icelandic Horses.

His slide guitars reach the pinnacle of sonic catharsis as the lyrics lament the inherent unjustness of the universe while showing you the beauty within it in the same breath. The fragility of life is laid out in a series of short and bitter-sweet vignettes to brim you with gratitude for the burdens you don’t bear and fill you with empathy for the ones who do.

Stream Lucas Pasley’s album, Ponies Back Home, on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Please Tell Them: LAUBE moves slowly on with the relatable mid-life crisis anthem, Weeping Pilgrim

11 Songs of Love and Devastation by LAUBE

Taken from the recent release called 11 Songs of Love and Devastation, LAUBE cruises onto the lands of recovery to find that self-confidence and inner love again within the high walls of the powerful mind with Weeping Pilgrim.

LAUBE is a Berlin, Germany-based indie folk artist who delves so much further than most into real topics which can cause goosebumps in many arms with a genuine blend of introspective brilliance.

This song represents comfort to me, and was recorded right in the middle of my life crisis, as I survived from day-to-day. It’s about a humble pilgrim, whose slow step-by-step progress mirrored my own slow recovery process. Holding onto the hope that even the greatest sorrow might not pierce my heart so deeply.” ~ LAUBE

Easing our minds so brilliantly and bringing us something so splendidly honest, LAUBE has unearthed a scintillating single to be radiated by. This is something rare and special and for all the right reasons. With a world-class sound and featuring expertly written lyrics, we find a release for old-school souls who love original music.

Weeping Pilgrim from Berlin, Germany-based indie folk artist LAUBE is one of the most authentic experiences possible in 2023. Stunning all ears with something rather heart-calming and pure, this is a really outstanding soundtrack for reinvigorating the mind, body and soul.

Turn this up on Bandcamp.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The Fretbenders – Wandering Soul: An Americana Beacon for Wanderlust Dreamers to Follow Home

Taking you simultaneously to a veranda in Sicily and a back porch in Louisiana, the soundscape in the standout single, Wandering Soul, from the singer-songwriter duo The Fretbender’s seminal album, Long Overdue, is a beacon for the wanderlust dreamers to follow home.

Between the harmonicas, slide guitars and folksy vocal lines which sugar the atmosphere with compassion for the world-weary to savour, Wandering Soul is a timeless rootsy Americana offering which will nestle you within its euphonic comfort.

The husband-and-wife duo, Diane and Bob Kordas are known for their homely senses of soul and their unique roots infusions, which allow heritage sounds to resound on contemporary airwaves. Following their hotly anticipated LP, we hope there’s plenty more in the pipeline.

Wandering Soul is available to stream via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Brandon Amor crooned us onto a higher plateau with his indie-folk-pop serenade, 109 Days

Brandon Amor

Brandon Amor’s single, 109 Days, which concludes his LP, The Waltz of 109 Days, is a sonic odyssey; orchestrated by the dreamy layers of indie-folk-pop and waltz-y rhythmics under his 50s-style jazz crooning that almost makes a lullaby out of this sentimentally spacey outpour of intricately impassioned soul.

Any fans of Trudy and the Romance will be effortlessly swooned by the kaleidoscopic melodicism of the single that cushions his visceral vocal lines, which amplify in conviction until the track quiescently fades out on gentle guitar strings and birdsong.

I’m not one that believes that good artists always need to have an X-Factor-winning set of vocal cords, but when they complement such a stunning instrumental arrangement, it certainly takes the aural experience to the next transcendent level. It is safe to say that 109 Days will leave you on a higher plateau from the first hit, and believe me when I say you won’t be able to resist repeat spins.

109 Days will be available to stream from May 9th. Stream it on SoundCloud. 

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Nico David – Turn Your Magic On: A Renaissance of the Age of Innocence

The Avant-Garde artisan of evocative contemporary folk-pop tones, Nico David, created a renaissance of the ages of our respective innocence with his latest alt-piano-pop piece, Turn Your Magic On.

Starting as a tender ballad with chamber orchestral strings, the single amasses momentum within the ascending progressions and ardent vocal lines to pay a fitting ode to the endless power we possessed as children, granted to us by our limitless imaginations.

The process of maturity strips our senses of wonder and gift of naivety before replacing them with weary cynicism unless you’re lucky enough to find someone you feel safe enough to reignite that spark around. Turn Your Magic On is the ultimate sonic solace.

The lyrical depiction of a conversation between a man and an imaginary child is a reminder that our younger versions exist within us all, and they all need nurturing. It’s a stunning release through and through; the euphonically diaphanous beauty is equally matched by the tender sentiments expressed.

Stream the official music video of Turn Your Magic On via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Jeff Livingstone augmented Americana in ‘Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here with You’

Jeff Livingston

In his latest single, Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here with You, the Cypress, California-hailing folk-rock singer-songwriter, Jeff Livingstone, augmented Americana to pay an ode to quintessential country while giving the roots a kiss of life.

With the rapturous riffs and energy of All You Need is Love by the Beatles against the heart-on-sleeve influence from the icons Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, and Jerry Garcia, Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here with You is a riot of twangy sentiment-heavy soul that won’t fail to pull you right into its visceral core. With vocal cords that connect with your heartstrings with every harmony, you’re damn right I shed a tear over this stellar feat of virtuosic songwriting.

I don’t whip out the V word for just anyone, but after bringing his extensive vocabulary in music theory and strong musical foundation together in a tapestry of ingenuity, I can’t think of many other contemporary artists worthy of that accolade.

Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here with You will officially release on April 28. Hear it on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Denim Dan created a capsule of 70s folk-pop-rock nostalgia in their sixth studio album, This Way, That Way, The Other Way

NYC’s Denim Dan fortified the folk-pop-rock realm once again with their sixth studio album, This Way, That Way, The Other Way, which will ricochet you back to the 70s via an aural time capsule you have never experienced the like of before. Under the heart-on-sleeve influence of Tom Petty & The HeartBreakers, Lou Reed & Leonard Cohen, you will also be able to reminisce on the slightly zanier production styles of Zappa and the Legendary Pink Dots in this warm vignette of fond memories forged in an era of personal freedom and revelation.

There are few things as sonically sweet as coming-of-age tales after decades of retrospect. The kaleidoscopically honeyed soundscapes in This Way, That Way, The Other Way allows you to cruise right back to the 70s while allowing your perceptions to shift around the pearls of wanderlust wisdom.

“This Way, That Way, The Other Way is our sixth studio album. A non-fiction coming-of-age narration of loosely factual true events from my time in New Mexico in the mid 1970s. The title track and first four songs were written in Florence, Italy during the pandemic when I felt inspired to write about my experiences of four decades earlier. The next eight songs – also written about that period – including Let Your Love Fall Down On Me [too] were recorded in 2001 right after 911 in Boulder, Colorado. They were forgotten…but my son, Marcello, found them in an old computer.”

Stream This Way, That Way, The Other Way on Spotify now.

Review by Amelia Vandergast