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An-Ting 安婷 keyed into the plaintive slips of optimism in our first pandemic summer in her classical composition, LAST JUNE

Taiwan-born, London-based pianist-composer, An-Ting 安婷 is set to release her first original LP, Songs from My Room, a compositional narration of the complex emotions that manifested during the pandemic times, featuring the standout single, LAST JUNE.

Not another lockdown release, I hear you cry – but this instrumental score operates far beyond the power of the written word by keying into those striking plaintive slips of optimism as the powerlessness in the situation conflates the ennui. LAST JUNE also takes the mixed feelings that transpired from the BlackLivesMatter movement with an overarching sense of uncertainty that amassed around the state of our polarised society.

An-Ting has performed as a concert pianist at Southbank Centre, LSO St Luke’s, King’s Place, Newbury Spring Festival, Deal Festival, Cheltenham Town Hall, and the Akademie der Künste Berlin (Academy of Arts). She also has a broad background which includes a unique mix of science and art with a degree in Chemistry from National Taiwan University and an MMus and PhD in performance from the Royal Academy of Music.

Songs from My Room will be available to stream on all platforms from July 13th, 2022. Last June will be due for release on June 15th. Check out the video via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Australian pianist Melany Thompson is the ray of sunshine we all need on ‘All For You’

As her gentle hands lead the way and show us where this beautifully content place is away from the destruction of 2022, Melany Thompson takes us into a captivating whirlwind of emotions on her stunning new single, ‘All For You‘.

Melany Thompson is a classically trained pianist and composer from beautiful Sydney, Australia, who makes the most soothing music that seems to place you in a better place.

Writing instrumental music from the heart, to help inspire the mind.” ~ Melany Thompson

Guiding us into a stunningly radiant cloud that is up above and away from the current trauma of our burning world, Melany Thompson is rather exquisite on this journey to the other side of the rainbow which is only filled with love and healing.

A touching blend of piano and strings that was brought together during the lockdown period of 2021.” ~ Melany Thompson

All For You‘ from Sydney, Australia-based pianist and composer Melany Thompson is one of the more tranquil singles you will probably hear this year. Her supreme skills behind the piano are quite scintillating, as we are brought into a whole new path that shall set you free from any previous worries. This is a song that has so much class attached that you might feel breathless, in a good way of course, which seems to bring that much-needed perspective back into reality.

See her new music video on YouTube and see more via the IG page.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

Imagesong becomes the Patti Smith of this era with her protestive easy listening song, A High Vibration

For her latest single, A High Vibration, the up-and-coming artist, Imagesong, pulled together an impressive roster of world-class professional artists, including arranger and bassist Jon Burr, jazz vocalist Alexis Cole, saxophonist and woodwind doubler Marc Phaneuf, cellist Mairi Dorman-Phaneuf, and pianist Mike Eckroth.

Don’t let the track title and the smooth jazzy timbre of the instrumentals fool you. A High Vibration is far from your average good-vibe inspired song. It contains bruisingly broadsiding lyrics that would start a revolution if the world tuned in.

“How long will we accept the tyranny of power and greed” would be an empowering question if it fell from anyone’s lips. Stemming from Connie Marotta’s elegant chanteuse vocals, there’s a certain magic to them that invites you to imagine the possibility of artists shaping the world instead of capitalists.

The Jazzy ethereal work, A High Vibration, is now available to stream on all major platforms via this link.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Daniel Ryan-Astley sets a sinister score in their composition, College Brain

Daniel Ryan-Astley

Daniel Ryan Astley’s time in professional theatre served him well in their baroquely beguiling latest single, College Brain, which sonically sits somewhere between a Kubrick and Hitchcock film score while carrying reminiscences to The Slumber Party Massacre soundtrack.

On the basis of College Brain, the 20-year-old Canadian non-binary artist notably knows just how to build the cinematic tension and keep it running the veins of their orchestral sound. Whether they continue to compose for the airwaves, films or TV, their future will undoubtedly be luminary bright.

College Brain is due for release on March 11th; you can check it out for yourselves by heading over to Daniel Ryan-Astley’s official website.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The East and West coalesces in Yazan AL Hajari’s achingly profound classical composition, Suite for Orchestra No.2

Yazan AL Hajari’s most recent composition, Suite for Orchestra No.2, is achingly beautiful from the first quiver of the cello bow from the Budapest Scoring Orchestra. Like all of his work, this classical piece pays homage to his Arabic heritage while embracing his passion for freedom, peace and creativity.

The Damascus, Syria-born, New York-based artist wrote his first song at the age of nine before studying classical music, classical Arabic music, jazz, world music and film scoring. If anyone can break the monocultural moulds that shield us from truly embracing the beauty in all corners of our globally intertwined world, it is Yazan AL Hajari.

It’s infinitely harder to feel numb towards the atrocities relayed on Sky News once you have experienced the east and west intricately weaved together in such nuanced fashion where borders aurally dissolve and timelines intersect.

With every crescendo scored to crawl beneath the rib cage and every minor note placed to share the weight of our sickness-riddled world, this classical reflection of humanity is one of the rare works that proves the beauty we are capable of.

You can watch and hear Yazan AL Hajari’s composition come to life for yourself via YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Alex Spencer has released his arrestingly sinister neo-classic score, Tachycardia

Multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Alex Spencer, made his debut earlier this year with his neo-classically polyphonic instrumental track, A Brief Intro; with his latest release, Tachycardia, he’s moved into trepidation-laden Bernard Herrman territory.

With the unnerving strings and bleakly carnivalesque arpeggios, Tachycardia is almost enough to do what it says on the tin and elevate your heart rate through the arrestingly sinister progressions. After hearing it, the fact that Alex Spencer bounces from one style to the next is almost disappointing. Yet, based on Tachycardia, we’re pretty certain that anything he brings to the airwaves will be nothing less than phenomenal. He’s set the bar exceedingly high for himself. We can’t wait to hear what follows.

Tachycardia is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Future bass fuses with classical in GASP’s ethereal electronic single, Qualified.

Electronica artist and producer GASP has released his ethereal debut album, CHILL FOREST MIX, which takes aural escapism to a whole new level. The Tampa-based artist fused his love of future bass, funk and classical into the ambiently explorative works that are quite literally a breath of fresh air for their embodiments of nature.

The standout single, Qualified, sets itself leagues apart from the predictable dystopic tracks that have flooded onto the airwaves recently. Qualified keeps its humanity and autonomy through the quiescent vocals which sporadically appear between the uniquely structured progressions. If you can imagine what Hozier would sound like if they became a ghost in the machine, you’ll get an idea of just how soulfully haunting the vocals are in Qualified. Instrumentally, it breaks a new aural boundary with every new evolution in sound.

Qualified is now available to stream with the rest of CHILL FOREST MIX via Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

Brikcs has released his dark genre-bending work of neo-classic melancholia ‘Coffers’

With its Cigarettes After Sex and Perfume Genius-level of artful magnetism, the cold ambience in Brikcs’ latest neo-classically-scored single, Coffers, is a rare reminder of just how sonorously beautiful music can be.

We scarcely felt that there was room for improvement the last time we heard Brikcs in December 2020 with his single, Water, but Coffers exceeded all expectations. With the lyricism falling into the sombre side of poetry and the grand piano melodies within the lush layers of reverb, Coffers is as elegant as it is haunting.

The extended instrumental interlude towards the outro is enough to affirm that Brikcs is one of the most criminally underrated artists of our generation. The beguiling mix of grandiosity and raw, gorgeously bleak emotion is nothing short of breathtaking.

The Icelandic multi-instrumentalist and electronica producer, Brikcs, cut his teeth in the music scene in rock and metal bands before turning his attention to genre-bending works of melancholia; a move that we will be endlessly grateful for.

Coffers is now available to stream on Bandcamp and  Spotify.

Follow Brikcs on Facebook 

Review by Amelia Vandergast

The Calming Energy: Ros Gilman is so peaceful and helps us into a happy place on ‘Autumn Colours’

Taken off his latest 4-track EP called ‘Seasons‘, Ros Gilman carefully opens up the door and has us venturing outside to smell the fresh air we need in our lungs again to replenish that ravenous soul on ‘Autumn Colours‘.

Ros Gilman is a very talented London, UK-based indie classical artist, music producer, former violinist, conductor and award-winning composer.

After being a former Gnessin School of Music student in Moscow in Russia, as well as the University of Music in Munich, Germany, the David Oistrakh-Academy, and the  University of Music and Performing Arts, Vienna, you feel like you are witnessing a true legend in his prime, who is so skilled at his chosen craft.

Due to a sudden hand injury Ros was forced to give up his promising violin career and thus changed his
professional focus from concert violin to composition and conducting.” ~ Ros Gilman

This is that peaceful track you play when you are outside in the peaceful park, gazing up at the innocent birds that are frolicking joyously with their friends in the beautiful blue sky above, while the lushly green leaves flutter into the breezy wind below. The effortless nature that is on display here is quite brilliant, as you feel your smile beam brightly like a happy squirrel who has just found his formely hidden stash of snacks.

Autumn Colours‘ from the London, UK-based award-winning composer, music producer and classical artist Ros Gilman, is one of those rare outstanding instrumental songs you put on and click repeat all day. There is so much wonderful energy wrapped inside and the style is worldclass, as you close your tired eyes and go in a dreamland which is filled of peace and no worries.

Hear this stunning new single on Spotify and see more via the IG music channel.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

The award-winning orchestral rock composer Aldo has released his latest cinematic score, Stem the Tide.

There has been an influx of ambient and easy listening music on the airwaves in 2021; it took the talent of pianist, composer and songwriter, Aldo to prove what difference a prodigal touch to a soundscape can make.

His latest progressively orchestral, rock-tinged single, Stem the Tide, starts around ambient piano melodies and flourishes of Celtic culture; even when the momentum starts to build, the sublime tonal bliss goes untarnished. The Emmy award-winners scores have been on countless TV shows and documentaries. He has still found the time to release six albums, all of them containing the same panoramic flair that he is accoladed for in the film and TV music industry. If any artist has the ability to redefine your perception of talent, it is Aldo.

Stem the Tide is now available to stream on Spotify.

Review by Amelia Vandergast