Camcorder – Ashes: Turns out Grunge Can Sound Sweet This Side of 1990. Who Knew?

Ashes is just one of the blinding new singles from Camcorders debut album Camcorder Suck! (Their words, not mine. I think the Alternative Rock outfit is one of the sweetest Lo Fi hits to great my ears this year.

The instrumental breakdowns to Ashes stand as testament to the elemental skill of this powerhouse of talent. I get the impression that Camcorder are a band steeped in humility, and there’s no sweeter sound. If you’re a fan of Dinosaur Jr, I can almost guarantee that you’ll love Ashes. However, Ashes is more than just an assimilation of sounds previously created back in the 90’s, they’ve added immersive Pop Punk elements that really amp up the sound for an anthemic aura full of high-angsty- vibes. As a massive Eddie Vedder fan, it’s hard for similar vocal artists to even compare to his vocal majesty, yet Camcorder vocalist has that beautifully iconic drawl to his vocals that draws you in to the pure emotion that he’s blasting through the mic.

You can check out Camcorder’s frankly beautiful Grungey Pop Punk track Ashes on SoundCloud which was released ahead of their debut album release which is due to drop on April 9th, 2018.

Review by Amelia Vandergast

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