Calvin Prior Gives Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’ the Acoustic Treatment

I will never fail to be bowled over by acoustic covers of Rap tracks, and Calvin Prior’s cover of Drake’s In My Feelings was definitely no exception.

Calvin’s approach to In My Feelings stripped away all of the 808 beats and waves of synth which stood as the backbone to Drake’s track. Switching it up with an acoustic guitar and bass made the track infinitely more human for me. The emotion isn’t only driven through the bars, Calvin exudes it from the deft manipulation of the strings as they set up the perfect platform for Calvin’s evocatively raw vocal style.   After Calvin has proven that his rap bars are just as solid as his ability to hit the high notes to the track In My Feelings rounds off with an almost Grunge style of vocals.

Judging by the rap verse Calvin wrote and threw into the mix, he has no problems with creating fresh material, so I would love to hear what he’s capable of coming up with himself in the future.

You can check out Calvin Prior’s cover for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast



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