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‘Overtime’ is a story of being cheated on by Paul Shepherd & Mikki

UK producer, writer and label owner Paul Shepherd & singer Mikki are back with a new bouncy indie track and this one slips in called ‘Overtime‘.

This is a story about being treated badly by the man you love so much. They keep on deceiving you and you wonder why. You have been so loyal the whole time and he keeps on creeping around and flirting with other girls. You are are at your wits end as he said that he could be trusted.

The vocal delivery from Mikki is so raw and honest, you can feel the pain and frustration in her voice. I like her consistent delivery in her unique drawl that seeps through the speaker. The production is top notch too and this feels like a 90’s flavored song with lots of style.

Paul Shepherd & Mikki make a fun team that stride through the crowd and make their move in 2020.

Stream here on Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

South Bend Emcee Melodic Prophet sends us healing message with ”Wounded Warriors”

The beat flows through the mic like a smooth dance move. This is uplifting Hip Hop with a conscious mindset. Our mind is so powerful and Indiana’s Melodic Prophet truly gets this and sends us this positive message. Life is a struggle and there are lots of challenges with so many detours that you need a compass to find the way sometimes.

We will pick up injuries but if we keep strong and have that positive mindset, beautiful things will happen. ”Wounded Warriors” has such a real message and the world needs more of this and less mumble rap and poor role models rapping about absolutely nothing of substance.

Melodic Prophet feels like one of those underrated and underground emcee’s that not enough of the world knows about. My mission is to share his music to as many Hip Hop heads as possible. You can feel his genuine soul and he is thoughtful. With lyrics penned to assist the world and inspire, Melodic Prophet deserves more love from the music community.

Check out this deep emcee’s Facebook page to get news of future gigs and more info on what’s going down.

To hear this track then you should click right here on his Spotify.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

”Bad Govament” is a powerful message from Nigerian singer LADe

There comes a time where you feel upset with what you see each day. You can either keep it inside or find a creative way to express your feelings. Music can be the difference between a good day and a bad one.

LADe is the stage name of Omolade Bisiriyu, a Nigerian singer-songwriter and producer. He made his name as an underground artist with the release of his first single ”Pause” back in 2018. LADe is currently signed to Naki Music and is an artist on the rise with his laid-back style and powerful lyrics. This is a man who is clearly frustrated with the current political landscape in his country.

LADe sings with passion as isn’t afraid to speak out on difficult issues. His music is relevant and big things are expected on the Nigerian music scene for this young artist. With a easy going style and dance hall influences, you feel like you are listening to a friend who is being totally honest with you. The production matches this artists dreams and this is a quality single for the tough times. ”Bad Govament” is a politically charged release that is built up from years of struggle in Nigeria and we hope that conditions improve quickly and everyone can live in peace through music.

Stream this song here on Spotify and check out his whole music collection.

Reviewed by Llewelyn Screen

”Springbreakers” is a tale of misspent youth from Marshall Stannus

Getting caught up in the party scene and seeing it right in your face is a fun time with life-altering memories, all the good times seem to last forever and caring about too much seems pointless in the moment. When you finally face the facts however, reality smacks your mind harshly and hits you solid in the face like a Mike Tyson knockout punch.

Marshall Stannus shows passion in his lyrical delivery and youthfully crafts a memorable new track called ”Springbreakers” that will relate to many out there who have taken it a bit too far.

I love the beat in this song, it teases you in the beginning and has the rough vinyl cut, before launching into melody with the voice and rhymes of a future star who is now ready for his big moment to shine.

The Melbourne, Australia native Marshall Stannus raps through a vivid lens that has captured the picture of youth perfectly but painfully. ”Springbreakers” is such an underrated track that takes you on a reflective journey of wild parties that never seem to end. When they do however, the crash and the emotional funk afterwards is very real.

Get this song into your ears now on SoundCloud.

Review by Llewelyn Screen

Calvin Prior Gives Drake’s ‘In My Feelings’ the Acoustic Treatment

I will never fail to be bowled over by acoustic covers of Rap tracks, and Calvin Prior’s cover of Drake’s In My Feelings was definitely no exception.

Calvin’s approach to In My Feelings stripped away all of the 808 beats and waves of synth which stood as the backbone to Drake’s track. Switching it up with an acoustic guitar and bass made the track infinitely more human for me. The emotion isn’t only driven through the bars, Calvin exudes it from the deft manipulation of the strings as they set up the perfect platform for Calvin’s evocatively raw vocal style.   After Calvin has proven that his rap bars are just as solid as his ability to hit the high notes to the track In My Feelings rounds off with an almost Grunge style of vocals.

Judging by the rap verse Calvin wrote and threw into the mix, he has no problems with creating fresh material, so I would love to hear what he’s capable of coming up with himself in the future.

You can check out Calvin Prior’s cover for yourselves by heading over to YouTube.

Review by Amelia Vandergast