Bug Operator releases new ethereal electro ‘Unblinking’

Electronic music producer Bug Operator has released a new track ‘Unblinking’ from their latest project Extraordinary Popular Delusions (And the Madness of Crowds).

Sparkling into place with some Mike Oldfield-esque keys and twinkly pads, ‘Unblinking’ doesn’t blink before cutting into a more driving European club-inspired space with a harsh saw bass coming into play alongside a heavy dose of reverb-heavy drums. It has a videogame style playfulness that doesn’t tire too long on one single melody, and you can hear an intelligence in the track’s frequency mix which gives it the feeling of an experienced production. 

‘Unblinking’ will work better for those who enjoy electronic music that wouldn’t feel too out of place in a more soundtrack-oriented playlist, and it’s worth checking out if you want to explore the edges of the internet’s vast denizens of hazy, ethereal, mildy-experimental electronica. 

You can check out Bug Operator’s ‘Unblinking’ on the artist’s YouTube channel here.

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